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Scary Experience


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Hi everyone. I had a horrible experience yesterday afternoon. All I did was go out to pick up a few things at the store and I ended up at the ER. The last thing I remember was going through the drive thru to get an iced tea and taking a maxalt (migraine med). I don't remember how I got there, but, I woke up in my car in the parking lot of a hospital trembling/shaking from head to toe. I could barely function but called my mom and she ended up calling security to find me in the parking lot. They assessed me in the ER - lab work, CT scan, orthostats - and told me my potassium was a bit low - 3.2 - but should not have caused me to have no memory of what happened or the trembling. They did orthostatic bp readings on me and weren't impressed because my bp only dropped I think 15 points from sitting to standing and they said they weren't concerned. The whole time I was there my bp was all over the place - 104/48, 138/58, up and down. As you can imagine I'm still freaked out! I did black out once before when I was driving before I had the autonomic dysfunction diagnoses but that was over 5 years ago and it was nothing like this. I do remember shaking a bit then but nothing like this. My calves are cramping really bad today which make me think potassium still low. I did eat a banana with a large glass of orange juice right before I left the house yesterday. Maybe my potassium was much lower, and with the gastroparesis, it took time for the banana and juice to benefit me? Then I wonder about the maxalt as I took it shortly this happened. I know that some of us have more severe side effects to meds. The docs didn't think that was likely because this was my 4th time taking it. I do know one time I took it, my pulse ended up dropping pretty low. Now I have to go for EEG on Monday to rule out a seizure. Has anyone here ever experience severe trembling/shaking with low bp?

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It is concerning that you had no recollection of how you ended up at the hospital's parking lot as you must have driven yourself there, thankfully without an accident. EEG is the right test to investigate whether you have a seizure disorder. There is a rare type of seizure disorder that originates in a specific area of the brain that can cause autonomic symptoms as part of the seizure manifestation. Have you felt any sensations/feelings or premonition that something is about to happen when you left the house?

Regarding low potassium, have you been given potassium supplements in the ER? You may need to take it on daily basis to avoid this in the future. Contrary to popular belief, eating a banana, drinking orange juice or any other food that's rich in potassium, will not correct an abnormally low potassium blood level.

Good luck with your evaluation! I suggest not driving until you get more answers from your doctors.

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