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Bruising Under My Toenails


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I just noticed that I have bruises under my big toenails on both feet. I think this may have happened a few weeks ago when I was walking around with compression hose and I'd let my toenails get a little long (sorry for the graphic detail). I remember my nails really hurt that day. But I had dark nailpolish on my feet and just saw the bruises when I removed the polish. So I'm not really sure when or how it happened - and have never had this before. Has anyone gotten bruises due to POTS or compression hose or know why it happens?

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I got similar bruising and sore toes the other week from walking in compression stockings, toenails not as short as I usually trim them and shoes that were slightly loose. I think that the pressure from the compression hose and bumping the nails against the end of the shoes caused the bruises. It sure was uncomfortable to walk for a few days and I was glad to use my wheelchair more often than usual to geive my feet a chance to recover.


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