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Hello Everyone


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I have some good news and bad news i suppose you could say. After starting my new plan of "not thinking about being sick" that my mom and doc wanted, i really feel as though it made me worse. In the sence of my mind isnt in the right place for getting better as im trying to not think about being sick and then not treating myself properly. I also was feeling rather depressed quite alot of the time, i think that has to do with me "not thinking about being sick" and then ending up reasizing i actually am sick and cant do the things normal people my age can, and then being sad and angry and upset about it.

I talked with my mom about this, and how i think that it is a good idea for me to come back to the forum. Not maybe as regularly as i did before, but still be alloud to use it when i need it or want to help people with questions. It was pretty hard for me to convince her of this, as she is very set in her ways, but only because she is worried about me and wants me healthy. But also its hard for me to have a read "argument" or discussion with someone who actually has a "clear" mind, as its sooo hard for me to come up with what im trying to say, or even think sometimes. But i told her that, and told her that im probably not going to have a good argument for my side of the story as its really hard for me to think, but we tried it her way, and it didnt work. I have given her no reason not to trust my judgement, and told her that i know myself well enough to be able to know that yes this might be bad for some people who are sick as it can put their mind in the wrong place, but i dont think that is a issue with me.

So finally she decided to give it a go, Im really hoping that i can start to feel better about this, and start treating myself better and getting in all the fluids and salt that i need.

So Im very happy to be back and see how all of you are doing!


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Hi Lloppy!

I'm glad that you're working on figuring out what's best for you! I think it's all a matter of moderation. Realize your limitations, but remember all the things that you still can do, also. Get support here, but look for support in other places, too (and especially within yourself!)

I'm still working on these issues, too. My challenge is to realize that a lot of what I feel is physiological, not psychological, as I've thought my whole life.

We're here for you!


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Hi Mary,

it's good to hear from you - I'd been wondering how you were getting on. Sorry to hear about the struggles you're having - frustration, anger and resentment are all so difficult to battle with. I'm sure that we've all faced them at one time and I know that they keep creeping back to bite me! I can be walking round a supermarket and suddenly get a huge pang of jealousy as I see other people my age laughing and joking as they fill their trolley with party things - not that I can't buy those things but more that I don't have the energy to accept invitations to parties these days. Such silly little things can trigger me off!!

Anyway, this place is all about getting over those sort of troubles and learning to deal with them.

Welcome back,


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