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Link To The Photo's Of Willows Plymouth Events.


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Hello guys ,

well at long last I manged to get my husband to put the photo's on the site I use for my stuff, he has taken off all the other stuff on there now and all thats on is ;

The cages with , the waz-zat bird in , large toad , and 12 mad pixies.

A couple of pre -feathered owls ...........naked and plastic !

Loads of photo's of the owls I make including 'Lark' who sits on my shoulder and looks so real people back away from her .........poor love :(

The large Rainbow bird that I was asked to make by a couple of people in my road , the dragon picture which is made out of old hardboard and ceiling coveing painted and covered in kids plastic jewels, then I cut up a very boring book I was given and made this crazy picture for the children , its quite big and the dragons head has eye's that can be seen through from the back !

The group of lads are my 'Magic Crew' from the Hoe show , my son Mike is event manager , there are just 2 photo's of the event , which are not that good and do not show what I have in the marquee at all :P but husband has said he just didnt remember on the day :angry::rolleyes:

The two strange photo's are also not very good of the fabric scenery I made for the mid-summer-nights dream show , husband again didnt take photo's on the night when it was light correctly and all the beautiful fairies where on stage .....never mind!

I am working on painting the new Fawkes face at the minute , I will when finished post a photo of the new Fawkes and his son Sparks for you all to see , and hopefully one of 'Hegwig' when her pure white body feathers arrive from cornwall at the weekend .

I hope my next show will be on the 24th August in Oakhampton .............but.............of ............dear............ooooops.

Clever one here went upstairs to get a book from off the bed and completely forgot :( I put my left hands knuckles on the bed ............and lent on them......................OMG ...............CRACK ! ! ! ! ! ! the whole wrist gave way and my hand went right under with the palm of my hand pressing against my inner arm , towards the elbow .

And I feel forward with my hand underneath my body face down on the bed with a wallop , the pain was so bad that I fought off I being be sick . So I'm back in the black metal wrist strap again with pain down all my four fingers , in my wrist and up my inner arm all the way to a couple of inches from my shoulder.......... :( I just forgot , after years of remembering that if I have to lean on my hands or like when you try to pull yourself up at night , use the flat of the hand ............I just forgot .

Now good , so stupid and just so careless of me having kept sort of well this summer now I will have this to contend with for weeks if not months again until I can use it to lift anything with .

Here's the link ,anyway have a good look and say hello to my babies ; Lark, Topaz, Lord V, Rusty, Ringo , Jaffee and molly.


Willows XXXXX

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Pat - those green tent things are brilliant. They are sort of pop-up marquees, the frame folds up like an umbrella and the walls just velcro to the roof and zip together at the corners. Much quicker to put up than a traditional marquee and no poles in the middle of the tent "room".

Willows - the photos are brilliant, I really enjoyed looking at them. You will have to get hubby better trained in creating permanent memories of the special days themselves but I can imagine what everything might be like when it is all put together and the place is full of visitors.


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Thanks guys ,

the problems with the marquee was that it was SO hot when the sun came out hence the fan on one of the units , and I was so very tired after putting all that stuff up early in the morning and had to take some drugs during the day to help speed my heart up B) as by 1 pm I was feeling really tired and strange .

We couldnt put the items in on the evening before as it poured and poured with rain , so much so that the other tents around me flooded and some fell down with the weight of the water.

Anyhow soon I will not have to worry about tents, vans or marquees as I am to have my own castle.............I am at this time drawing it all out and will be sorting the wood from the company that Dave my friend who is going to build it for me , gets his normal wood from , the hope is that this wood company will sponsor Hogwarts for me .

My hospice launched its bid for the 3 rd children's hospice in the south west this week , so its all excitment for the official launch in September of the fundraising events , Dave is so eager that he is doing a 'bangers' event in Cornwall on Sunday and my husband ( who's' now the official photographer for us on the committee) Mike , one of his mates , plus yours truly are all getting dressed up in our Children's Hospice tee-shirts and going down to 'rally' him on , Dave's going to pull a huge car all the way around the whole of the track ! ! !

So I've finished Fawkes today , his big 2-3 foot tail feathers arrived at 9 am this morning and he now looks 'rather cute' ............thats if a phoenix can look cute :)

Well I think I need to rest a bit now as I'm actually feeling tired and getting some of those 'nips and heavy feelings ' around the old upper chest area ...................mmmmmm GTN spray ready tonight I feel :P been over doing it :P and also had to tell someone something today that wasn't to pleasant , so I got a bit 'worked up and upset ' , never mind , new day tomorrow more things to do , places to see and people to try and get things out of ..............for the kids .

Bye , bye guys , sleep well ...............Willows.

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Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have been on very rarely lately as my daughter has been very ill and my mother had to have surgery.

Any way. The items you make are so beautiful and life like. I love the bird cage thing with the little fairies or elves or whatever they are on it. Have you thought about making and selling them. I know here in the United States, people would buy them up by the dozens.

I'm glad you have such artistic talent for the rest of us to see.


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Hello again ,

I have had a look and if anyone wanted the cage of little elves they do come out at a bit of a price :( .

You see I get most things at wholesale /trade or given to me , so when I had a look at the price of things it came out at $130 or about ?70 UK , which I think is a bit pricey and this is before postage and packing is added on !

So what I have said to anyone who has asked if they could have one is this , if you want to get a cage ready , I will get the little fellows for you at trade price , then once you have paid for their bodies ;) I will ship them off to you , this way you dont pay silly amounts for them , as none of us have excessive amounts of money to play with being unemployed or sick or working part-time most of the time .

So if you , and this is anyone by the way , wants to make an owl ............I will send you photographs of how I make them , list all the stuff , quantities you will need , how to do the faces , colors and where to get the feathers at good prices etc .

Then you to can have your own owl to watch over you , send mail with and generally talk to ...................yep , I just forget that the 7 owls all sitting here now watching me are not real and I keep talking to 'the fellows' as I call them , now that Fawkes is finished ( photo's soon ) I natter away to him as well , at this time he's sitting on a lounge chair watching us all , mmmmm he does look funny and I expect him to ask for a wild life programme to be put on !

Bye for now WILLOWS

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i absolutely LOVE all of your pictures! the elves as well as the owls!!!! oh, and the cages!!!

will email you soon to try and set a date for our uk meeting. i'm not much on here as i'm not feeling too well (but thinking of travelling to the uk helps a LOT!!!).

corina ;)

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