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New Symptoms

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Good Morning,

I have started experiencing some new weird symptoms. My eyes burn a lot and today while trying to read at work, it looks like the words are bouncing around. My vision seems to be changing especially in the flourescent lights at work. In addition, the right side of my necks burns and feels tired.

Anyone else experience similar symptoms? I just love my new mystery body that does something new and different every month or so:)



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I can't gave any insight as to the burning in your neck, but I have had vision problems off and on for the past few years. Sometimes my eyes won't focus well. If I'm walking around a store trying to look at different things in the aisle I almost feel sick and dizzy because my eyes don't want to shift around and strain to refocus over and over again. It makes it impossible for me to read at times, as well. Sometimes the words seem to jump around. Being on the computer kills my eyes. Sometimes I actually get dizzy from looking at the screen for too long. Last year I freaked out because I was having blank spots in my vision, to the point I couldn't even see certain words on the page of a book. It was very similar to the aftereffects of staring at the sun or another bright light. There were just big dark spots everywhere and I couldn't even see people's faces. I'm not sure if I'm explaining that in a way that you would understand.

I've had my eyes checked by a specialist, and everything checked out. I just assume it is the dysautonomia causing the symptoms. If your symptoms are really new and that dramatic, you should talk to your doctor to be on the safe side.

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I haven't noticed any problems with my vision, but I do have burning in my eyes all the time. It's at its worst right when I wake up and soon after. I wear contacts, and some days it's impossible to put them in because of how much my eyes burn. I've gone to the optometrist and my eyes are fine -- the only thing she noticed was that I have very dry eyes. She told me to blink more -- :lol: -- and that would help. :blink:

I do use eye drops when it gets really bad, but I've noticed that the eye drops only help for a few minutes, then wear off...and I can't possibly be putting in eye drops every 2 minutes all day long :) . One thing that did help when they were pretty bad at night was to use gel eye drops -- you have to make sure you don't have your contacts in. It's a thicker formula than regular eye drops and seems to soothe better. But again, for me it wears off quickly.

I'm not sure why the eyes burn, but of course the answer is almost always "it's a part of POTS" -- oh joy :)

Hope this helps.

Chrissy :)

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I haven't had the burning of the neck or eyes. Although I have terrible dry eyes, and I too wear contacts.

I do get the bouncy vision thing though. Sometimes when I am trying to read something it's like my vision twitches all over the page and I don't know why. I also get bouncy and bug eyed in grocery stores, libraries, etc where there is lots of items around to look at. I figured it was the POTS, as outside of needing contacts my eyes are fine according to my eye doctor.

It is a curious thing though, and I do wonder why it happens. And why sometimes it really bothers me and sometimes it doesn't. I get dizziness with it sometimes also. So, you're not alone on this one!

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