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Tingling In Face And Hands After I Faint

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Just wondering. After I fainted (after my TTT) the other day, when I came around, they tried to sit me up but I felt so awful, and my face and hands were tingling. It was such a strange feeling. I had to lie down again, and I was SOOOO sleepy, I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Now I remember having that tingling sensation before... I think I get it right after I collapse or faint. I don't have to go unconscious to get it, just have to hit the floor.


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First let me say how sorry I was to hear about your TTT debacle. What a nightmare. I'll never forget when my son had his TTT at Hopkins. He felt awful and didn't want me to leave, but they insisted. As a Mom, I couldn't pray that he'd be symptomatic...I wanted to rescue him. I remember praying "Please let the TRUTH come to light." He fainted and barfed. Good- as he was also in the midst of an antrodoudenal manometry and they were able to link the autonomic dysfunction with the GI motility problems.

It's hard to understand why your "TRUTH didn't come to light" at the right time. Is this God's sense of humor? Hard to find it funny.....I just wanted you to know that I get that tingling, esp. around my mouth before a faint. I pray you find answers and get the help you need.



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