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Reflux Disease


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Hi All

Do any of you have Reflux Disease? I have just seen a new specialist who diagnosed me with Reflux Disease. I have been coughing and had breathing problems since my pregnancy. 13 months later it is out of control. Is this a pots problem or due to my difficult pregnancy? I also survived a pulmonary embolism. I don?t know if it?s from that. But I have allot of damage to my heart and lungs from the blood clot. My poor husband is paying 1000 for my tablets a month now. Still coughing and having breathing problems. Any advice from the only people who understand what it?s like to always be sick. I have been in hospital 6 times in the last 12 months. Starting to get ridiculous.

Otherwise I love motherhood. The best part of life. My angel has started walking now and expresses her likes and dislikes more. It just so fantastic to have a child. I wish I had done it years a go.

Ling ;)

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HI Ling! I can't offer you a lot of advice here, but I have been having what we think are alot of reflux problems as well. I started taking zantac this week and are going to talk to the dr to see if there is a better treatment. Mine has started to get really bad with upper abdominal cramps and nausea and just feeling terrible.

Sorry, i have no advice just empathy


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Hi Ling.

Sorry to hear that your having problems with relux disease. I was diagnosed last yr after it got so bad I couldn't sleep or eat. At night I would have to lay propped up because the acid was so bad, it was burning my esphoagus. I too had problems breathing because the pain so was surreal

I had an a barium test done to show how I was digesting and to see if there were any ruptures in my lining. Fortunately, they put me on prilosec 2x the normal dose which helped just enough to get through. And since then, it has managed to clear up on its own, along with me watching what I eat.

Best of luck.


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Hello there,

I have acid reflux, and my doc put me on 20 mg Protonix. I do well on it. I like the fact I don't have to wait an hour before eating anything after I take it like I had to with Nexium.

Two of my children have reflux too, one takes Protonix, the other takes Zantac. They seem to do okay.

Good Luck!


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I may have it, I see the gastro tomorrow to find out what is the cause of my current set of problems.

Basically because of what Dysautonomia is, it can be a cause for problems with any organ system etcetera, so many ailments that come when you have Dysaut, are in one way or another related, everything is interconnected B)

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