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Weakness In Arm--again


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I've had repeated episodes (like now) of feeling like I don't quite control a limb. Usually after prolonged sitting or standing. I've been checked out for stroke (mri, mra, cat scan) and all are clear. When this first happened over a year ago, the neuro said "hemiplegic migraine." Could it be a low bp/ less blood to the brain from pots thing? It's creepy. It is not always the same side, but usually an arm and possibly half my face. The neuro said that if I had recurrent episodes that always clear up, it's unlikely to be anything new and dangerous. Anyone else have this and/or explanation for what's happening?

Neuro didn't think of pots, but this was also before my diagnosis by an ep. And I don't think these guys have spoken. My pcp thought this sounded plausible, but he'd never heard of such an thing.

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I get this, too. I've had it since my late 20's when migraines were a big deal for me. I've had all the standard work-ups, MRI's, etc. My neuro was never very concerned. It does go away. For me it's always my left side. In retrospect, I probably had POTS then, too- but didn't know. I don't know what it is. Because I'm in my mid 40's now, I run through stroke symptoms when it happens & as long as I'm still smiling on both sides, I don't worry about it:-) I'd be curious to hear of others' experiences.



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