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Generic Midodrine


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Hi, I've started this separate thread as a split-off from Sunfish and Sophia's discussion on midodrine in another thread. I know Sophia had awful problems with a generic brand of Midodrine. What I would like is for people to post the brand, dose and manufacturer of their midodrine tablets so we can compile a list that members could ask their pharmacists to obtain for them.

To start:

I have "Guttron Tabletten" "Wirkstoff: Midodrinhydrochlorid" in 2.5mg tablets

they are small round white powdery tablets with a line to split them in half.

Made by NYCOMED GmbH in Austria.

(sorry about the German words - the patient information is only printed in German and I haven't learnt German so can't read it!!)

Midodrine isn't licenced in the UK so mine have to be specially shipped from Austria on the orders of my consultant to a hospital pharmacy.

What other types are members using??


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i only have one of mine within reach and/or here at all but i'll list the one for now & add the others (that i have here) later.

this one works for me in regard to medicinal effect as well as splitting (as i take 15mg so thus take one & a half tabs of it.) and while this likely doesn't apply to anyone but myself, this pill also crushes very readily & dissolves into into water quite readily (a necessity for me as i can only take meds via my J tube).

i don't have as much "info" to list as flop did, but mine are as follows:

Manufacturer: Upsher Smith

Dose: 10mg

Visual Description: light purple, round, uncoated scored tablets

Identifying Marks: "US" & "10" above & below the score line, respectively, & "213" on the opposite side

:unsure: melissa

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okay...me again back with my other midodrine varieties...

i have two other versions on hand, though know that i've had others in the past as well with peach & pink coloration, though i think the peach was the name brand ProAmatine. (and whilst i may be appearing to be my own pharmaceutical distributor, the reason for my surplus of sorts is that i have auto refills set up & they kept coming during my months of hospitalizations when i wasn't using my own meds...)

Manufacturer: Apotex

Dose: 10mg

Visual Description: light blue, very small, scored tablets (and perhaps coated as they have a bit of a sheen)

Identifying Marks: "MID" & "10" above & below the score line, respectively, & "APO" on the opposite side

Result/ Experience: these work fine for me medicinally but i can't break them without a pill splitter (whereas the purple ones i listed above i can easily break with my fingers); they also don't crush quite as readily though still dissolve okay. for those with trouble swalling larger pills the size of these would probably be great

Manufacturer: Mylan

Dose: 5mg

Visual Description: white, thick, scored tablets

Identifying Marks: "MH" & "2" above & below the score line, respectively, & "M" on the opposite site

Results/ Experience: i actually haven't tried these yet but upon just now realizing that they are the subject of sophia's horror stories did just now try splitting one. i agree that it is a largely impossible task to split the pill into an accurate half, but as i take 15mg this won't be an issue for me; i then tried crushing my "split" pill and for that it worked great...similar to the purple version i first listed & better than the blue just above; i'll be trying it in about a half hour when i'm due for my next dose & will report back if i have any problems with it in regard to effect

i did find a link to ProAmatine pictures (the name brand) which i took over the years without a problem. http://www.drugs.com/images.php?action=sea...e&I1=Search. at that time i wasn't doing any crushing, but know that i did split the 5mg tablets at one point when i was taking 7.5mg doses. i don't think i ever had a need to split the 2.5mg tablets.

i also found a link to an image of a generic version manufactured by "Eon" but am not certain if it's one i've ever used. http://www.drugs.com/images.php?action=sea...E&I1=Search.

hope this helps,

:) melissa

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I've taken MIDODRINE HCL 10mg Tablet 2-3x daily for the past year and a half.

Its a blue, circular tablet from the manufactorer Eon.

I haven't had any problems taking it, and it helps to raise my blood pressure quite well.

The only side effect I notice would be the occasional goosebumps. Weird, I know! :)

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