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Prescription For A Cooling Vest?

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I have a question on the cooling vests. Has anyone ever been able to get a prescription for one and have insurance help cover it? It is REALLY hot here in AZ...and I am in desperate need. I looked them up and they around around $200 for one. So just curious if anyone ever tried to get one through insurance.

If not...any idea where I can find any cheaper somewhere? I tried the link on the DINET main site, but it won't load.


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I can only speak for myself, but the coolsport brand vest I bought was some of the best money I have ever spent. I never tried to submit to insurance--my insurance doesn't cover "durable goods" like the vest, so I didn't bother trying.

I got the "lite" version of the vest.


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Hi Lauren, you might try loading a different browser or making sure your current browser is up to date. In the interim, here's the text from the page about the coolsport lite vest--the link is above the text. BTW, I'm not affiliated with coolsport, nor am I advocating that you purchase from them, I'm just giving you the information here b/c you've been unable to access the page. My guess is that you're missing some sort of browser plugin b/c all the pages have scrolling text across the top of them.



Cool Vest Lite: (Part # CVL-65-A-SP) Concealable model.

One size fits all.

The Cool Vest Lite, with its concealable and comfortable design is the smallest of our Cool Vest Line. It's great for people looking for the most concealable and light-weight cooling solution. This two-piece model has adjustable, two-inch elastic shoulder straps for maximum comfort and easy sizing. The six, mid-section elastic/hook & loop adjustment straps hold the four-piece, 62-degree F. phase change cool packs in place and secure against the body for maximum coolness, comfort and minimal restriction of movement.

INTERNET SPECIAL: For internet purchases only, CoolSport will deduct 10% to 15% off our regular retail prices! (15% Discount applies to complete vests or cool pack sets only. 10% discount applies to spare garments.) For bulk-rate discounts, e-mail or fax Coolsport for details.

Orders from outside the United States are subject to additional shipping charges and custom duties. For all international purchases, contact CoolSport by phone (1-310-618-1590) or Fax (1-401-712-5545)

Total Weight = Approx. 3.8 pounds

Garment Length = 15.5 inches (Does not include adjustable length of elastic shoulder strap)

Garment Width = 14.0 inches (Does not include adjustable width of elastic waist straps)

Garment Fabrics and Colors available = Supplex Standard White or Khaki, also Indura (flame-resistant) blue, Indura Ultra Soft (flame and electric arc resistant) and available in poly cotton twill fabric. (ask about custom colors available!)

NOTE: Indura Ultra Soft and Indura flame and electric arc resistant CVC models have six elastic side-adjustment straps with easy slide-buckle adjustments. (Photos not shown.) This design is similar to our flame-resistant Cool Vest Deluxe model.

Cool Pack Weight (each) = 335 Grams of 62? Fahrenheit p.c.m. per standard vest size Cool Pack.

Cool Pack Weight (total) = 1340 Grams

Square inches of cooling per Cool Pack = 98

Square inches of cooling total = 196

Cool Pack shell material = Proprietary plastic

Typical Cooling Duration* = 1.5 to 2.0 hours @ 100? Fahrenheit.

Typical Recharge Time** = 20 minutes in container of ice water

* These durations may vary based on the wearer's physiology, workload and the multiple variables associated with the work environment.

**Recharging can also be accomplished via a refrigerator or freezer. These times vary due to Cool Pack placement and temperature settings. These times are usually around an hour.

Size Codes: A= Adjustable from SM, M, L, XL. (See our new Children's product page with Kids' Vest and Jr. Vest Sizes!)

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Thank you SO much for the information...it is quite helpful. I will have to fool around with my settings and see what's going on. Otherwise I will try another browser. Any idea on the pricing?

Thanks Nina, you've been great! With the summer temps hitting 115 out here, it's so hard to get around. The A/C in my car just doesn't cool fast enough, and doesn't feel cool enough..even though it's fine. Guess that's what I get for living in the desert! :blink:

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I got the arctic heat vest from the Australia site rather than the US site cause they offer a medical discount. Pro--it is very lightweight and looks "normal", con, it doesn't stay cold as long as the cool vest. If you want to order it put a note to Sue in the comments section and ask for a medical discount. It came to $134 including shipping. I love mine.

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