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Liking My New Pillow - Ambient Comfort Pillow


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I saw the Ambient Comfort Pillow recommended on an Oprah show about improving sleep. The label on the pillow says that it is clinically shown to help sleep and improve oxygenation and circulation. I took that part with a grain of salt, but I found it for 1/2 price so decided to give it a try. I was expecting maybe a small improvement in my sleep, but what happened this week is that my hands have warmed up. I've always had ice cold hands, so it's actually kind of weird. I only have trouble sleeping sometimes, so can't tell yet whether it's helping my sleep.

I'm still feeling the same POTS-wise, but I'm hoping maybe my circulation has improved and that I will start to feel a little better. The company also makes a mattress pad, so I'm thinking of trying that next. Just thought I'd share in case some of you are interested. B)

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