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Someone Who Paralyzes

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I have been diagnosed with Periodic Paralysis, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, or at least under the umbrella of MD.

Someone on here besides ernie and I have described episodes of flaccid paralysis, but it completely escapes me who it is. If you are still here, please pm or email me, as I may have info that can help you.

Still have pesky OI stuff, but many questions are now getting answered. Thanks and sorry I can't remember....morgan

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hi morgan -

i think you're probably thinking of linda/ dizzygirl?

i'm glad that it sounds your appt was at least worth your time. i know that "answers" don't always bring solutions but hopefully understanding what is going on helps a bit, if only with one's sanity.

B) melissa

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Morgan... Ive tried responding to your PM several times and it will not allow me to send a reply..i keep getting kicked off........just wanted you to know that i got your message and i called the MD office and am awaiting an appointment thru the clinic to be seen.. i thank you so much for the info! i wish you the best of luck in treat ment.. and BIG hUGS on finally getting some answers!


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