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My So-called-crazy-life


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Hello folks, I'll try to keep this as short as possible... lots going on. I'm going absolutely batty.

1. Teri got a new job and started two weeks ago.

2. As a result, we are in the process of moving. Our house will be on the market by next week... and we've been house hunting in PA to be nearer to Teri's office (80 mile one way commute from where we live now). Looks like we may have to go to an apartment if our home sells b/c we've not found anything yet we want to buy.

3. I'm being re-assigned next year at my f/t job due to redistricting of supervisors and I don't know what school district I'll be in--driving me nuts b/c, well, it's too much change for me at one time.

4. I was asked, at the last minute, to teach a graduate course for summer session I, which started 2 weeks ago... the classes meet at night, two times a week. Oh, and I agreed to teach 2 classes in the Fall at night b/c, well, we really need the $.

5. Oh, I'm also doing a book review for grad school that's supposed to be published in a journal, and it's due on Weds...

6. On the 22nd I'm scheduled for surgery-- umm-- well--- ah... , to put this delicately-- a front end reduction... completely covered by insurance b/c no one as short as me should have things this size on her front. (yes, crazy people pay to get them bigger, but after lugging them around for years, I can't imagine why!!). Due to Teri's new job, she'll be away for the procedure, and wont be home until 2 days later... and 5 days after surgery, I'm proctoring finals at grad school--or getting someone to do it for me.

I'm so overwhelmed between work and home that I don't know what to do with myself... Wilbur (cat cum dog), thankfully, makes me laugh, even if he does wake me up before dawn everyday. I'm just plain exhausted and am so grateful that the school year will be over for me as of the 20th of this month... And the 28th, I'll be done teaching grad school until Sept....

Deep, slow breaths... just having a minor freak out... now back to your regularly scheduled forum readings... B)


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Wow, that's a lot at once Nina. Definately counts as a crazy life in my opinion.

I'm sure that you'll muddle through and everything will work out just fine but try not to stress - you know how that causes flares and I don't think you've got time for a flare just now. Seriously, good luck with the surgery and everything else.

Take care,


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yikes miss mouse! what can i say?? i'm sure all will be well in the end, but certainly have a lot on your plate.

on one hand i'm sure no one ever "looks forward" to surgery, but on the other i can imagine that you're looking forward to the end results. while i can't relate 100%, i've always been on the larger side myself (& most traumatic at a very young age) & it was definitely problematic to the point of having trouble buying clothes & being painful in my more athletic days. it's always baffled me too that people would want to be bigger!? though i did see one episode on the discovery health channel of a reconstruction (post mascectomy) that used the woman's own fat from her stomach, which i thought was way cool b/c it was a two for one deal. but i am SO far off the topic...sorry B) i do hope that all goes well though, as i'm sure it will...if i had a cooperative body i'd be happy to come be your surgery buddy since teri will be away.

in terms of everything though, do take care of yourself as well as you possibly can considering. give yourself the okay to let the things that don't really matter slide, though i know that can be easier said than done. hang in there the best you can - and teri too. that commute can not be fun, & the time it's taking from your time together is obviously a bummer too. i am glad that the commute won't be for always. and i hope that the perfect house shows up on your front door. well, not literally, but you know what i mean :lol:.

but, all in all, i'd say a minor freak out is entirely justified, as long as it doesn't include any harm to yourself or others :P then there might be a problem. maybe you could train wilbur - the smart guy that he is - to help with some cooking & cleaning & packing & the like??

:lol: melissa

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Wow, Nina! You are living a crazy life! That's a lot of stuff to do and a lot of changes all packed together and dumped on you at once! How's a little mouse to handle everything? It's a good thing you're no ordinary mouse!

In all seriousness, I do hope that things go well for you - the move, the house hunting, the house selling, the job re-assignment, the book review, the surgery...did I miss anything? You certainly are busy. Hang in there. You can make it through! And we'll be here cheering you on.


P.S. Don't forget to rest when you get a chance!

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That schedule and all the changes in your life right now sounds very punishing--but also potentially rewarding. I can't relate to the surgery, but I sympathize. I was not glad to be such a small size when I was younger, but I am sure it is a physical burden to be a larger size (and emotional, especially when younger)--as I did learn when lactating and could not wait for that discomfort to be relieved!

You are an inspiration.


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I laughed at thinking of teaching Wilbur to do things--he already tries to help out, in his own way, by attempting to clean my plate while I'm still eating!

I'm so, so tired. More later... had a tough symptom day with long tachy runs.


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lol....wilbur & czar must be long lost cousins. i think czar misses my eating just as much as i do & still tries to share popsicles when i have them :)

hope you get a good night's rest,

:) melissa

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hey there nina!

boy, you have so much going on. but i think it is soooo exciting as well (i mean the house hunting of course, not the surgery :):) ). i am sure you and teri will find a great new place to live!!! i really wish i could do some househunting for you as houses really are my passion (and what people make of it, creating their home!).

my sister has had the same surgery when she was 18 (i know, VERY young) and it sure was a blessing for her. there were more pros than cons and the surgeant saw how much she suffered from "them". i am sorry that teri can't be with you but i'm sure you'll manage. take very good care of yourself and do keep us posted (that is, when you are physically able of course) how you are doing!

oh and congrats to teri on her new job!

take care,

corina :)

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Hi again--

just finished sending the first major draft of the book review to my professor...

and before that, I finished writing my first midterm exam...I hope it's neither too easy or too hard. I'm still a student myself, so I don't want to be that BAD teacher who makes useless tests, or worse, tests that no one can pass.

I'm counting down the days until I'm done for the Summer, which will be the 20th of this month... ahhhhh. A giant sigh of relief will be heard from me around the world.

I've been a tachy mess for the past 3 days--stress hasn't helped, but worse, the AC hasn't been working right (again) at work, and b/c it's so nice outside, I didn't bring my cooling vest and was miserable. I did give up and leave early today--after my heart rate stayed in the 100-130 while sitting from arriving at 8:15 until I left there exhausted at 2:05, I felt like I'd run the marathon I always wanted to do. Now I can cross "marathon" off my list of life accomplishments :rolleyes:


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