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Gluten Intolerance?

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Hi everyone, :(

Last night I had a horrible experience after eating what I thought was Gluten free bread but apparently it was not. My heart rate was really high , could not breath well and felt extremely tired. It was the strangest feeling. I was really hoping this kind of food would not bother be because I love my bread :D I was wondering how these things (breads, cereals, pizza,everything good :P ) affects others. And what you substitute for these things. Any thoughts are welcome.


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This is the first I've heard of DA being related to gulten allergies or intolerances. I'm Italian, so pasta is my main comfort food, when I don't feel well I don't eat much else. Do you think your intolerance is related to DA? I'm very curious about this as a possible related issue if you could maybe share more about how you first noticed it and when it developed please.

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there have been MANY discussions on the forum regarding celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance of varying degrees so i would highly recommend doing a search...perhaps for "celiac" and/or "gluten". discussions contain everything from diagnosis to symptoms to food suggestions. if you need help with how to do a search there's info under "Helpful Hints for Forum Participation" at the top of the discussion page. the direct link is http://dinet.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=5555.

celiac disease & some types of dysautonomia can be considered autoimmune in origin and - in general - people with one autoimmune condition are more likely (than the general population) to have one or more other autoimmune conditions. there is no direct cause & effect between having autonomic dysfunction & having celiac or gluten intolerance in that one doesn't cause the other (in either direction), but if someone does have both, symptoms may very well feed into one another. this is actually the case for many (or perhaps most) co-existing conditions though, i.e. if one condition is poorly controlled it may cause more problems/ symptoms with the other.

some with autonomic dysfunction do have problems with larger portions of carbs in general, especially when eaten alone, and as carbs often are full of gluten, this may be another issue to explore.

hope this helps,

:) melissa

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Hi Erica

Besides POTS, I have sensitivity to gluten and casein, therefore my diet is Gluten and Dairy Free.

In relation with your reaction to the gluten free bread, I can mention the following options:

- It could have been stated as gluten free but was not true (which happens sometimes).

- Some countries allow to write gluten free on products, even though they contain a very minimum amount of gluten, which has been officially considered as safe. (though I do not share their opinion).

- The bread could really be gluten free, but you might have an added sensitivity besides gluten. (have you checked casein, lactose, egg, yeast...?)

With regard to bread, because I was unable to find a gluten free bread whose taste was acceptable, we tried baking it at home. It took some time but we finally bake our bread at home.

Pizza: I buy a gluten and lactose free base for pizza and add what I can eat on it...


I joined an association where I get a book listing all the products gluten and lactose free. This way, when buying products, I am more sure of what I am eating, drinking, using for my personal care, etc. Do you have such an association where you live?

Please, feel free to ask your doubts, I will be glad to help you.




Melissa, nice to "see" you.

Hope you are going better. Take care, my friend.

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