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Provigil Vs. Proamatine


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In the past, Chrissy has tried provigil and proamatine (separately). This was when she was constantly getting sinus infection after sinus infection and always on an antibiotic. Now, since she's had her ENT surgery, she's only had one mild sinus infection in 3 1/2 months. This is definitely a record for her. Anyway, she's thinking of asking Dr. Grubb/Beverly to have her try one of these drugs for her fatigue again. Since it's been a couple of years (I think), since she's been on either, I was wondering if anyone's tried both and has had better luck with one rather than the other. She tried Adderal in Xmas of 2004 and it made her totally loopy! She recently saw a sleep Dr. at the Cleveland Clinic (who was awesome by the way and actually knew about POTS!!) and he thought she should be on about 200 mg. a day of Provigal. Dr. Grubb had her on 100 mg. Maybe this could also be why she didn't think it was helping. Beverly is suppossed to call us back in the next day or so, but I just wanted to check with everyone on their opinion.



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I was put on Provigil prior to my POTS diagnosis when they didn't know what was wrong with me (my doc grasped at a narcolepsy straw). I don't remember what dose I was on, but I did feel a boost of 'energy', I was more awake physically, almost as if I'd had quite a bit of caffine. Unfornately it was, as I said, before we knew it was POTS so my other symptoms were raging and I was still working very long hours at a Irish pub so it's very hard to judge if now, slowing my overall pace down dramatically and being on beta-blockers, if it would help with my fatigue. But I think could be something, if used as a small part of a treatment plan, could benefit. I dont know how it compares to Proamatine however.

Congrads to Chrissy on such great improvment after the ENT surgery! I had chronic sinus infections as a child as well, and underwent tonsil and adnoid surgery, despite my doctors promise to 'never have a sore throat ever again', I saw a great improvement in the severity and frequency of sinus infections - I rarely have them now.

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The 2 drugs are different - but both are definitely worth a try! My experience with Provigil was that it gave me a boost of energy - very similar to a strong dose of caffeine. Proamatine doesn't give me energy - it keeps me from passing out (i feel less dizzy as well and lots less light headed).

Let us know what you guys decide!


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Both of the meds would be worth a try. Provigil does give a boost of energy and help to keep you awake like the others said. For some people this med works very well. I tried Provigil and it helped during the day, but the problem was that it kept me awake at night. The effects just took too long to wear off. But almost all medicines are like that on me.

Proamatine (Midodrine) is a vasoconstricter. If Chrissy has a problem with blood pooling then this is a good med to try. Many patients with POTS find Proamatine to be very helpful.

I hope that everything goes well for Chrissy and that she can find a medicine/combination of meds that works well for her.


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