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What Foods Are Bad For Pots People?

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I have noticed that after I eat my stomach will hurt, and this is probably being caused from the blood pooling from the digestion process. But are there any foods that anyone has found are easier on the stomach than others? Or the opposite, being foods that you would want to avoid.

Any info you have would be a great help, because I would sure love to get rid of this nausea.

Also does wearing compression stockings that go around the abdomine help with the blood pooling problmes??



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Everyone has different sensativities to a variety of foods in general, but dairy and gluten allergies are fairly common in Pots also. Preservatives like Monosodium Glutamate (sp?) or MSG can bring on symptoms also, so checking the foods your eating for that also may halp some and avoiding them. Usually with time, you might start noticing things that are specific triggers to your system. It helps to keep a food diary and noted when you feel unwell more so, and think back in the past hour if you've eaten something that may have increased your symptoms - write it down and then see if you notice a pattern.

- Tammy

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For me it's TOO MANY CARBS can make me sick or excess fried foods.

Carbs have a horrible affect on the ANS..and large meals...so I eat small meals.

I also watch the glycemic index. Some claim "sugar" sets them off but mashed potatoes and many fruit juices are higher on the glycemic index....I have to watch it.

I can eat cookies I make with eggs and fat..and some ice cream but not the super rich varieties.

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you may also want to take a look at the main section of http://www.dinet.org and then look on the left for the "what to avoid" section--

a short version: some folks do poorly with alchohol. Others have problems with coffee and still others, coffee is awesome. Same with liccorice...and most of us do better with small well balanced meals instead of large meals which can shunt lots of blood flow to the gut.


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Hello everyone,

Thank you for all the help, I read through the info on the "what to avoid section" as well, thanks Nina.

I think I have a much better understanding now of what things are going to possibly set off my symptoms.

Tammy, thanks for suggesting the food diary, I think that is a wonderful idea, and am going to start one!

I hope you all have a lovely evening!


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mary -

you've pretty much gotten thorough answers regarding foods. in general there are some generalities that apply to many people (i.e. small meals better than large) but there are also many things that work for some but not for others so it's a matter of figuring out what works for you over time. depending on whether people have allergies/ sensitivities or whether they have motility issues (as a good number of people on the forum do) different things will be problematic for different people. just like people have mentioned with caffeine, we're all different. in the past i actually had a top autonomic specialist recommend the high-caffeine drinks to me b/c - as long as keeping well hydrated - they can actually help raise blood pressure. i've never had problems with caffeine & the high amounts on occassion did help me for awhile.

that said, i did also want to put it out there that while it's great to pay attention and figure out what will be best for you, don't get so wrapped up in it that it becomes a huge headache in and of itself. there's nothing wrong with keeping a food diary, but don't stress out about it either. like if you forget to write things down for a day it's nothing to lose sleep over. i guess it's about balance, especially as you're new to this and have a lot of new info coming your way all at once.

for your other question regarding compression hose....it is true that for some people they can be helpful with abdominal pooling. some people even use abdominal binders as well for this reason. but on the other hand waist-high hose can actually make GI issues worse for some, most likely those with gastroparesis/motility issues &/or reflux. it's another thing where you'll have to see what's best for you.

hope this helps,

;) melissa

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Corina i am just like you in the fact that i LOVE pastas! i too am not a fan of spicy sauces...so i cant eat the ones my dad makes. hehe. but they are not hard on my stomach either and i really like the taste of them two!

Melissa, regarding getting too wraped up in things i will deffinetly have to make sure i dont, because i am the type of person who worries alot, however pots has actually helped me in that department greatly because it has taught me that you cant get all worked up over the little things, because it will just make me get sicker and then thats not good, so it has deffinetly made me more easy going.

i do think that the compression hose have been helping wiht my stomach or at leaste they have helped stop the diareha (gross i know....sry) which i have had on and off for weeks! bad because it makes me dehidrated which we all no is not a good combo wiht pots people.

i think i will talk to my doc about caffene because i have always been a person who handles caffeen very well before i was sick, and so hopefully it would give me that boost i need for the day and not make me jittery (sp?) plus i love coffee!!!! haha i know i am kinda young but its soo good! hehe

thanks for all the help, have a great night!


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