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In Case You Get Sick From Something Else

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A friend of mine has had to eat lots of extra salt to manage his neurocardiogenic syncope. Recently, however, he had to go to the hospital and then a step-down unit for an unrelated problem. Unfortunately, the staff at the step-down unit had been trained to keep everyone on a low-salt diet. They ignored his pleas for salt until he really couldn't stand up anymore. If you have to go to the hospital or a convalescent facility for any reason, bring a nice, visible placard, signed by your doctor, that says something like "Please give this patient as much salt as she (or he) wants. When in doubt, give extra fluids."

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I had the same experience,in March, when I was hospitalized for a cough and shortness of breath. Even after they elimated heart and lung problems,I was put on low sodium diet and I tried and tried to explain that I needed IV fluids,I was in for 3 days any never got any!!!! (I was also in the step down unit). It reminded me of "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".


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