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Another Awful Mothers Day


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Our mothers day was awful as well. My husbands "mum" passed away over the weekend. Aubrey is from Northern Ireland and his mom had just moved back home (after living and working in Canada for 30 years )within the last year to spend her retirement. Friday afternoon she suffered a massive stroke and was gone.

My husband and son are over there now for the funeral, Kelly and I wanted to go but had no passports, and being late already Friday we couldn't get any answers as far as emergency traveling. So he went on his own with our son, to see his moms new apartment for the first time and being mothers day weekend. I feel so bad for not being there. But at the same time having never traveled on a plane nor being out of the country, its probley better I am home.

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I am very sorry for the loss in your family. I know that guilt is something I often feel due to the physical limitations of my illness and feeling like I can't be there for my family-- My husband woke up mother's day in extreme pain and my daughter had to go to the ER with him, as I physically am not capable. The emotions I feel during times like these are varied, but it is mostly anger and guilt for not being there. I am thankful that it was not life threatening and my daughter called me with updates, but I was feeling like I was the wife who should be there. I must say that I knew I would cause more worry for him, if I had gone. As a matter of fact he told the ER doc that he had things to do-- was going to plant flowers for me, etc. He felt guilt about ruining my mother's day!!! Seriously.

I think we just have to do the best we can and I am sure your husband knows how you feel and would be worried about you and your ability to travel as well trying to get all the passports, etc. Perhaps, this will be a very special time for father and son in this difficult time.

Thinking of you ======

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