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Bp Question With Florinef


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Okay, I'm really confused by the recent prescription my cardiologist gave me, as he is new to me and not sure if he fully understands what my body goes through. Here's why I'm a little baffled... Okay so when I do remotely anything my BP goes up, mostly my diastolic number will be around 95 and the systolic will be 119 or something like that, so not worried about the top number. My HR of course soars. So if I go start Florinef, won't this cause me BP to go up even more, and is that a good thing? When I'm resting it's usually 110/75 on average, it's with activity that it goes a little crazy- 123/106 just after walking two minutes earlier today. How is this florinef suppose to help? Thanks.


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Hi Tammy,

Have you ever had a blood volume test? If someone has a low blood volume then sometimes their blood pressure will actually go high as their heart tries to compensate. Though it may sound counterintuitive, Florinef may very well help to lower your bp.

Here's a link to a recent topic. http://dinet.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtop...+blood+pressure There is a quote in there from an article by Dr. Bell. He described a patient with 60% blood volume who had extremely high blood pressure. They knew he was hypovolemic and gave him a liter of saline. His blood pressure then dropped!

I hope this helps to answer some questions. And I hope that Florinef helps you.


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