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Does anyone know if there is any help (SSI or whatever) for folks who are working but barely hanging on?? I feel like I keep my job out of some kind of grace. I frequently feel awful and some days/months are a wash... It is so frustrating cause with my income (family of 4 on one income) we don't qualify for welfare, but if I bail then we are in no mans land... And sometimes I can work and be ok, but lots of times it is just a struggle to get thru.

It seems unfair somehow...

So does anyone know of any options?

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Amen! I work a ton of hours each week and now I have to go back to school because I can't afford the gigantic student loan payment. Even if there was a "working disabled" program that would help me delay student loan payments would be a blessing from heaven. It's not like we can just work second jobs like other people. I don't even have kids, I can't imagine the stress that you feel. I'm not one to feel that the gov't should solve all problems, but there should be something like this. Something to encourage people to keep working...

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Yes, I have huge student loans too. But since I make like 27k and owe 40k I get an automatic deferrment. I cant even begin to pay those...

Something to help would be so wonderful.. Even like a pay augmentation to allow us to work 30 hours instead of 40 and then something to protect our benefits. I had to cut down last fall to 35 hours and it made a WORLD of difference but my employer took away all my holiday, sick and vacation pay for it.. )-; Between that and the salary decrease (I am paid hourly) I had to increase back to 40 and then passed out 4 times in the first week of being back to 40 hours..

I feel like I am trapped.. And now being pregnant it is just making me feel worse.. I never really feel better when pregnant like some do... It just stresses my system more..

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I don't know of any financial help available for those who can work a little bit, but not enough to survive. You said that you don't meet the income guidelines for welfare, but have you ever checked into WIC or the food bank? They have income guidelines too, but they are higher than the guidelines for regular welfare. Perhaps those could help just a little bit. It's not much, but I guess every little bit helps. Also, if you haven't checked into the income guidelines lately for food stamps, etc. then that might be worth doing too. The limits are raised each year as cost of living increases.

I'm so sorry about all of your physical and financial struggles. Life is hard, isn't it?

Wishing you better days ahead,


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So sorry to hear of your struggles along with being pregnant- the time when you should be easy on yourself. Sometimes if you are a member of a church, then they can help. I think sometimes you don't even have to be a member. I know that in Utah there is a bishop's storehouse that gives food vouchers to struggling families whether or not they are officially on disability. Sometimes they even pick up utilities and/or rent. I would check to see if your local church has a program. The great part about those is that you can receive when you need it, then give back at a better time in your life. Also, I wonder if your state has any outreach programs that can help with burdensome things like if your heater goes out etc.

I can certainly empathize. Right now I can just pay the min on bills, then I have to charge those cards back to their penny. My new hobby is couponing. Have you tried this? It makes me feel so much better about everything because I feel a little like I'm back in control. Basically, you wait for the item to go on sale, then layer as many coupons that you can and the item ends up being very, very cheap! We are talking tortilla chips for 25 cents a bag, Salsa for 35 cents etc. It totally works and the store is all the better because the manufacturer reimburses the store the coupon amounts plus a handling fee. The website that can explain this is www.pinchingyourpennies.com and

http://pinchingyourpennies.com/coupons/sto...ons_Mar28_Apr03 can give you idea of how layer can work.

Anyway, this is what has helped me. I have been able to build a food storage so that when I have to buy the spendy Provigil RX, I can rely on my storage to get me to the next paycheck.

I'm your sister in scrimping!


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Well we qualified for WIC. We had to have a 'risk factor' and POTS qualified as a risk factor. Boy I am not used to POTS helping me out any! Usually it is the other way around. lol

I gave them the site address for potsplace.com and they said they would check that out. I am very very glad we have this place to help us inform others as folks tend not to beleive in things they have never heard of.


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