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since getting sick years ago I have constant or almost constant pain that moves around quickly. It's usually just a tiny area that hurts for a few seconds or minutes then moves to a different area. The pain is either like a pulsating pain, usually just the size of the area of a quarter, anywhere on my body. It feels like it's vascular....but who knows. Then I get a sharp pain that feels like an electric shock. It usually just happens once on a tiny spot then moves to another spot. Sometimes the pain will stay in one area for longer. Sometimes it's a shooting electrical pain, moving up my arm or leg....usually starting at a finger or toe tip. Sometimes this makes my arm or leg or other muscles jerk...either a tiny jerk or a strong one. Sometimes the jerk is in my whole arm, sometimes just a finger. My muscles jerk a lot without the shocking pain as well. along with the traveling pain I also get traveling areas of tingling anywhere. I'd say most of the pain and tingling happen somewhere in my hands and feet, where I am having lots of visible vascular problems (maybe raynauds or vasculitis with some ulcers and sores), but it also happens anywere on my body. I've also noticed that my skin sometimes is sensative to touch. Like if someone puts their hand on my arm, it feels like my nerves are going crazy. it doesn't really hurt, just feels weird and uncomfortable.

Any of this happen for you? any thoughts?

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I don't have the kind of pain,you are referring to,but numbness and tingling(especially in my feet)the muscle jerks and sensitivity to touch on my hands and arms ,I have quite frequently. I always think,just more POTS symptoms,or is it something else? Oh, I also have twitches in my face and sometimes numbness in my lips,anyone have this ? Pat

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I'm not sure how similar our pain is but I just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone as far as pain. Lately I've had a lot of pain in my arms. It varies between shooting pains or sometimes more of an ache. My dr. is having me try Alpha Lipoic Acid to see if this will help (it seems to help with nerves).

I just wanted you to know that you aren't alone.

Take care,


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