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Numbness In Both Legs


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Hello Everyone,

I've been out of commission for the past few weeks and not been able to be in on all the discussions. I did want to ask if any of you have patches of numb areas? I have two patches on the top of both thighs (about a 3 inch circle) that goes up into my hip area. I know that autonomic dysfunction can manifest itself this way but wanted to see if I was not alone.


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Hi Cathy,

Usually, autonomic neuropathy causes numbness/tingling in the feet. If you have patches on both thighs that are numb, this can be caused by problems in the lumbar spine, nerve roots as they come out of the spinal cord, or femoral nerve (as in femoral neuropathy), although all of these condition commonly involve one side not both. I notice in your signature that you have paraneoplastic disease; I am just curious as to how this was diagnosed. Did you test positive for a specific antibody on the paraneoplastic panel?

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I have intermittent numbness in different spots on my legs and feet, but we're pretty sure it's from my lumbar spine. I have a history of disc herniation, bulging, degeneration, etc.

I now know which pain/numbness patterns correspond to which disc. I used to get it down my leg, back of the calf, outside toes, sole of foot. Now that that disc has dried up (L5-S1), and I now get it top of foot and big toe. Lo and behold, my worst bulge is the next level up, L4-L5.

We also know I'm bulging at L3-L4-- from which I only sometimes get front of thigh, inner calf burning.

I do get it in both legs, though usually not at the same time. But my bulges are central at this point-- not off to one side.

My spine looks a good thirty years older than my chronological age on mri--sigh.

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Thank you all for your info. I talked with Vanderbilt and they said all my symptoms seem to be pointing the progressive pure autonomic failure. I am not sure what that all entails so if any of you have any insight, I'd sure appreciate it. As for my paraneoplastic syndrome. It was diagnosed through blood test and later on in breast cancer. Again thank you for helping me out and if anyone knows about PAF, please help. :lol:

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:blink: I would check this out with your ANS Doctor or neurologist.

Have you had a brain MRI? Any numbness needs to be looked at ASAP.

I also have numbness in legs----feels like a band around my legs, and just recently prickly feet and a buzzy feel.

My arms are strugging also---the numbness is patchy---hands, back of forearms ect. Mine is dismissed locally---and I have to go out of town to see docs. I do have a new local neurologist, and I'm not sure she takes it all that seriously either. I have had a lot of MRIs, and as you can see on my signature line---there's a lot going on. The last MRI is showing more lesions in the brain then the previous MRIs. The neurologist thought it was linked to migraines------even though I don't have them.

Just 10 minutes in the heat--(only 80 degrees) caused the numbness to get worse.

My legs also get very weak, and last night I lost my balance several times. (I won't even discuss the pain----)

You need to see your doctor, and I hope you can get the help you need.

Numbness is a serious thing-------------and needs to be taken seriously.

Good luck dear-----------I'll be rooting for you.

Maxine :0)

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