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Without any changes in meds., food,makeup ect.I have been getting redness and heat( no itching) on 2 different places on my face,it is not the whole face,but always in the same place and shape. Also my lips have been burning, swelling and peeling.Any ideas? suggestions? I am seeing my pcp next wk,I'll mention it then.

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Oh Dear, Pat-

Sounds a lot like what's going on for me... except mine does evolve into hives. I'm actually looking into mast cell activation as being the cause of my POTS. Sometimes, I don't get hives, I just look awfully suntanned, with really red lips. Since I've been on zyrtec, singulair, benadryl and ranitidine, all of my skin symptoms have gone away. My face is white again with pale lips. Surprisingly (and happily) my chronic nausea and headaches have also disappeared. My POTS symptoms are also much improved. I'm supposed to stop the anti-h's on April 26th after seeing my allergist. It'll be interesting to see if my symptoms return then. I'm going to ask for blood and urine testing to see if I have something more systemic causing all of this craziness. In the meantime, I'm thrilled to be as symptom free as I am. Consider taking a benadryl and see if the redness and heat clears up. If so, you've probably got some kind of allergic process going on.

Keep us posted on your progress.


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