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Urologist Tomorrow..


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Hey guys...well I'm finally seeing a urologist for all of the issues I've been having. I'm not sure what to expect from this visit. I've been trying to research different conditions and tests related to my symptoms and they all sound fairly unpleasent. I know there are a lot of you who have been in the same position...any insight in what I can expect from this first visit and/or any tests he might want to run would be appriciated. My OBGYN is the one that made the appointment for me but she is no longer here so I really haven't had any guidence on this. Thanks!

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I went for various prolaspe problems. He asked what the symptons were and said to get a second ,long, appt, so he can have a good look see. Plan out the repair stratigy. He did want a "cardiac clearance" too. EP say not a problem. Also I was happy that he said there was no harm, in lifting, or delaying the proceedure.

Sorry- I have awefull spelling......

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Hopefully at your first appt. the urologist will not do any procedures and will just thoroughly discuss the problems you are having and then decide what tests may or may not be necessary.

I have had mixed experiences with urologists...and I really recommend that if you DO NOT feel comfortable with him/her that you try to find someone else. I find that it is such a private, personal 'area' to be dealing with that I need a doctor that I am very comfortable with.

I am currently seeing a urologist in town whom I like very much and he is very gentle. He has mostly based his decisions on symptoms and trial and error of medications. He has not had me do a cytoscopy or urodynamic study as of yet.

I just started (last week) treatment for IC using Rimso which is inserted into the bladder via catheter...I really didn't mind it one bit. I stunk like garlic for the next two days and my mom kept telling me how much I stunk, but other than that no problems. I've been cathed many times before so this procedure really doesn't bother me one bit. It is non-systemic and I hope it will help a bit, but if it doesn't I didn't lose a lot but some time and energy going to the appts. every two weeks. But, I'll take my iPod and hang out (you just lie there for thirty minutes with the solution in your bladder).

He is still completely puzzled by some of my issues, and the large amoutns of urine I put out in short periods of time. But, he admits that he doesn't know what is going on and how complicated my case is. I really appreciate that humility.

I also take medicine for OAD.

After you posted about the clitoral stimulation and such, you gave me courage to speak up to this urologist as I was also having that along with urethral pain, so we decided to give treatment for IC a shot. But, it could just be the Lyme rearing it's ugly head. Who knows.

There are also medications for IC but I didn't chose that route simply b/c I didn't want to add another one to my already LONG list of meds.

I DID see two other urologists in town who were downright MEAN and both left me in tears. They were both dismissive and I won't go into details about the things that they said to me. BUT, I was very clear that I wasn't going to have studies like the urodynamic one done by them. I 'fired them' lol.

One of them, who is supposedly incredibly well respected in town, suggested that perhaps my urethra was too small. He performed a procedure called urethral dilation. He really rushed me into the procedure and I wish I had said I would come back in another day or think about whether it was worth it. He said it was easy and simple and blah de blah. I was completely misled. It was excruciatingly painful and I almost passed out on the table lying down from the pain. Then, I had to take an abx afterwards which he did NOT tell me in advance of the procedure that I would have to do, and this didn't mix well with the Lyme tx.

So, I guess what I am saying is that most importantly...just be sure that you feel comfortable with the tests or procedures the doc wants to do and feel that there is legitimate reasons behind them. I had heard good things about this doctor and went against my usual gut instinct...just saying yes to what he wanted to do.

With the urologist I see now, I feel very comfortable and never, ever scared.

I wouldn't be scared...as I think the first appt. will give you a good chance to decide whether you want to pursue further tx or diagnostic procedures with the doctor. You DON'T have to do any procedures tomorrow at the appt. if you are not ready or not comfortable with this urologist. I guess that's my advice.

So, no worries, k? You'll be fine and YOU are in control of what is/is not done! Usually they don't have nurses available or time in their schedules to do any procedures without rescheduling you for another date (unless your gyn scheduled tests? do you know????)...

Still, if you don't feel comfortable, say adios, and find another doc! :lol:

There are some docs I'll put up with more crap than others, but not from a urologist b/c the issues are so sensitive...no pun intended.

Let us know the scoop!!!!!! I'll be interested to know since we have similar symptoms and complaints....

I'd like to be able to see a urogyn, but the nearest one is two hours away...

Later alligator!


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I guess I'm different than Em, in that I just wanted all that stuff out of the way. Waiting for something I'm not familiar with is much harder on me than doing it and getting it over with. My urethra is very stenosed and dilations hurt, but I feel better afterwards. It does burn for a day or so, but they have always been careful to make sure it is numb before they stretch it.

Cystos are uncomfortable in that they over fill your bladder, so it can cause some ans symptoms. I had the rimso many years ago. it's actually just DSMO, and they apparently changed the name because it was a med used on horses! It is FDA approved for IC and has been for many years.

I know of very few docs that will treat without looking inside the bladder first, to make sure there's no obvious problem. You can put it off or not.

Nothing that a urologist does is really much fun, but I swannee, if it helps, it's worth it. My bladder and urethra and whole urinary system drive me nuts sometimes....and smelling like garlic is worth the relief.

I just have to take one antibiotic pill after a procedure, but I'm not on a bunch of other ones. I haven't had any bad experiences or had any that were mean, but I've been lucky there.

Good luck and hope it all goes well for you sweetie.

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I'm glad you posted...I wondered sometimes why my urologist didn't do testing just to be sure...but he seems content going by symptoms and med trials. This is how my ANS doc does things also, so I went along with it.

I wonder if I should insist on testing?

I am glad urethral dilation has been helpful to you. In my case I feel that he did it without paying any attention to my symptoms and did an unnecessary procedure. Also, he certainly failed to significantly numb me as the pain was horrible. And I'll take most procedures pretty well...I was just mad b/c he hadn't listened to a word I had said.

Can a urologist tell by looking at your urethra if it is too small??? Before just going ahead and doing that procedure? Do you haveit done on a regular basis to keep the urethra more open?

You said the Rimso helped? Did you do more cycles of it or just one? I think I have to go six times total--once every two weeks, but got the impression that sometimes you need to go back every once in a while for some? Not sure...

Is the cyto the best place to start? Vs. the urodynamic study? That one sounds harder than the cyto for some reason...yes, you are right the full bladder can wreak havoc for the ANS...it's a big problem for me...

Yes, the Rimso is just DSMO...nothing too fancy! And, yes, I actually told the urologist I didn't care if I smelled badly afterwards b/c it wasn't like I had a bed partner to upset! My mom just enjoyed calling me 'stinkpot' for a day or so! :lol:

Sounds like you hit it better than I did in the urology department...but well, you deserve that considering all the other marvelous (NOT!) docs you've seen out there in covered wagon land.

Thanks nursemamamorganwealthofinformation,


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hey, good luck wareagle!

my doc wanted to sent me to an urologist as well, but i wanted to see my neuro first. since seeing him (last october i think) i am waiting for an mri (my neuro wants to be sure it's NOT ms). i've tried to speeden this test up for a bit but haven't succeeded yet. until i've had it, i won't go see another specialist or (like emily) don't want to add another med to a long list!

hope everything will go well and do let us know how it goes,

corina :lol:

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