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In Memory Of Brent Chance


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Don't know if any of you old-timers remember him. Brent Chance was one of the first people I corresponded with after I was diagnosed with dysautonomia over 5 years ago. When I began posting at the NDRF forum, I realized we had very similar symptoms and Brent started giving me tons of information and support. It appeared the worst had passed for him.

He was a great friend, though I never met him. I learned a lot about courage and dignity from Brent. He had other complications and passed away on April 13th, 2002. I think about him regularly and wish I could say "thanks" just one more time. My thoughts and prayers have been with his family ever since, and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Miss you, dude.

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hi dan,

although i do not remember your friend Brett Chance (although a member of this forum for many years now, i haven't been around at the ndrf forum a lot), i do understand how you must feel.

when i found this forum, i've learned SOOOO much about dysautonomia (and so did my doctors) and also it gave me some very dear friends who gave me a look into their lives and learned me how to deal with dysautonomia (and how i wish to be able to meet them . . .).

knowing that there are people out there (in all different parts of the world) who feel what you feel and know exactly what you mean when you say just a few words, means so much to me. i don't want to think about how it must feel when i would loose them.

how fast is time passing. i am sorry that you lost this very important friend.


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Dear Brent, I miss you so much it brings tears to my eyes. We wrote emails to each other almost daily, and you gave hope to my heart even when you were at the lowest points of your health. I miss you more than I can put into words. I know my sister feels the same way--she often wonders how your wife is doing, and how your puppy, that you got from her, is doing. My love you to, and my love and healing thoughts to your wife.

Always, Nina

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I remember Brent, but I never had the pleasure to correspond with him. I have been to his web site, and read his story.

It truly means a lot to have someone who understands this disorder, and if they are able to help others----It can make such a huge difference.

My heart goes out to his family. Dan---------------he was a special guy with a good heart.

Maxine :0)

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