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Fullness/pressure In Ear Upon Laying Down


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hey all

do any of you get fullness/intense pressure in your ears upon laying down? I will wake up and my actual ears will hurt.. not earach hurt but ear ear hurt... and there is so much pressure in them its unreal!

I find if i adjust my head/neck in a different position that it sometimes allevies this feeling.. anybody get this?

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Sounds a bit different from what I experience. But I do get enormous pressure (sometimes resembles pain, but on a headachey level) in my ears when I change positions. It's from blood flow issue for me. Sometimes it even pulsates with my heart beat. Sometimes I actually hear it too. Sometimes it even jiggles my visual field simultaneously. But the pressure feeling in ears....definately blood flow. For you, since it's persistent, maybe there is something else going on. Mine goes away after a few minutes (or I faint, either way it goes away pretty fast).

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