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Having A Really Rough Week....


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Oh Im not liking my body this week folks! Im having a really bad flare with my spine and my bones hurting really really bad..there is so much pain in my spine that it has me in tears.. and is causing such an intense headach.. that i just cant stand it!

My Bones in general feel like they are going to shatter into a million little pieces.. and actually so does my spine...my skin even hurts..and my hair hurts..yucky

tuesday iwas so incredibly dizzy that i spend a majority of the day on the couch unmoving.. i kept trying to sit up.. and i was so dizzzy!!.. I did get small boost though after drinking some pickle juice.. made me want to barf.. but i got a little less dizzy...

wednesday.. wsa bad too... I sat up only for a short time wednesday evening to eat some dinner.. whic i had to force down literally.. and with in 20 minutes of eating i felt like i had been drugged and was very lethargic.. i laid down and like instantly i was asleep....i was in one of those coma sleep i go into.. i woke up at like nearly 3am.. and i tried getting up to pee...and i was bouncing off the wall going down my hallway.. and i have night light all over my apt. so i dont have to contend with alot of light in the middle of the night.. and i was so dizzy and my vision was so blurry.. i was trying to focus my sight and i wsa seeing things in like 20 or something like there where 20 bajillion door frames and 20bajillion door nobs.. freaky i tell ya..and the chest pain..feel like and elephant crawled inside my chest and kicked the crud out of me from the inside out.. ugh

low and behold i was awake the rest of the night..this morning i finally got to fall back to sleep.. But my pain level has reached beyond a point of no return...and i kept waking up crying and was tossing and turning... even my skull head bones hurt! grrrr..

and one last thing my tummy and my guts are in an uproar...i have like no appetite.. and i m having such intense feeling that my guts are being ripped apart.. and sharp stabbing pains that it doubles me over.. that is so not cool.. my insides feel sore.. does tha make sense?

UGH ok whiny session over.. im just having a rough week and neded to vent about it..


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I am sorry you are going through such a bad time. Do any of your meds help for the pain you are feeling? Does your physician have any ideas to help with symptoms that you haven't tried or is something new going on?

thinking of you and hoping you soon have some relief!!

take care

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so sorry to hear you are suffering so so much, of course you have every right to vent, and its not complaining or whining, you should be commended for just coping with all of it! do you have strong enough pain medicine? i can definately understand about all of it, the blurry eyes, having to lie down after eating, the terrible bone pain and spine pain that feels like it will just rip thru your skin, i have lyme and EDS i take oxycontin which does help although i cant take more than a very small dose since it makes me too lightheaded, i hope you can try it, and i really hope you get some relief soon, i know it is a huge mental strain when your body feels so bad, hang in there,


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nadine.. thank you.. no its not anything new going on.. same stuff in such a bad flare...i have an appointment next week with my pcp.. tho i think im giong to call him sooner.. :rolleyes:

radha--rip thru your skin now that is an acurate description! I have vicodin small dose.. But it does nothing really for pain.. except put into lalla land.. and it REALLY messes with my pots big time..I asked for something stronger something moreeffective (demerol that help a little) but IM allergic to a ton of the heavy duty pain narcotic meds.. and my pcp is afraid of giving me anything stronger.. 1. due to what if i have an alergic reaction.. and 2. he doesnt want to monkey with aggrivating the pots.. which i totally get....

BUT.. i really need some effective pain relief and i need to find the real cause of all this pain im in day in and day out... and it would be nice to figure out after figure out waht it really is waht the heck causes these flares..

**generally** ive noticed that sometimes in the past when im in a bad flare like this that w/in a few days of a flare that i get sick...i really hope that that is not the case here..b/c that would annoye the hebbie jebbies right out of me!

my spine OMG!! sometimes i wish we didnt need a darned spine when it gets to hurting bad.. yucky yuck..OWEY

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hi linda,

i am sorry that you're having such a bad time!!! wish i could do something to help you. well i'll send you some sunshine and a (virtual) bouquet of tulips (as they are blooming soooooooo beautiful in the bulbfields in my country!!!) what is your favourite colour?

take care,

corina :rolleyes:

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thanks corina and rachel..

corina i like light and dark pink tulips.. they are my fav color tulips.. i like yellow tho too :blink:

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