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If You Plan To Visit Melissa

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Hi guys!

If you plan to visit Melissa, please call first and make sure she is up for visitors. Also, please keep in mind that she doesn't have a lot of energy, so please keep visits brief if she seems tired.

(These are my words, not Melissa's)



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Thanks Michelle---- :)

When I went I asked the nurses if she was up for visitors. They said she was, but she didn't go in and ask----so I wasn't sure if I should. I went ahead, but only stayed for about 5 minutes. I talk with her mother for about the same amount of time.

It's a rough time right now for Melissa and her whole family, but they all have amazing attitudes.

When Melissa was at Toledo Hospital the nurse went in and asked her first.

I'm so happy to see Melissa has so much support-----------she needs it--- :)

Maxine :0)

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