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Do Your Cheeks Get Tired ?


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Hi all - it's been a while since I last posted, but had something to ask about. I went out to dinner with a friend tonight and was reminded of one of these odd symptoms I get in addition to feeling POTSy. Towards the end of our dinner, I noted again how my cheeks get to feeling worn out or sore after socializing - and my voice intonation goes flat... It's like my vocal system is tired out from the effort of talking.

Does anyone else get like this ? It's kinda odd, and frustrating.

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Hi, Dano:

My cheeks get tired when I laugh a lot, but I think that is fairly normal. :)

I do have problems with my voice, though. I was a trained Soprano with a 3 1/2 octave range (from C below middle C to F# above high C), but in my early twenties, my voice started to weaken and crack. I went to a vocal therapist for a while, even tried 3 months of complete vocal rest (ever tried using a whiteboard to talk for 3 months? I don't recommend it! ;)), to no avail. I probably have about an octave and 1/2 left in me now; when I try to sing it's raspy and weak. This was and is pretty devastating for me since I was training to be a professional and had vocal coaches who wanted to take me to opera houses in Europe. I try not to think about it :( and moved on to a different career path where I am fairly happy, but I'll always miss singing.

My voice also gets weak when I talk for an extended period, so it sounds like maybe our issues are related.

All my best!

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My cheeks don't get tired from talking (but, I'm not a big talker). However, sometimes at night when I swish my flouride in my mouth I'm not able to do it for the full minute. The muscles in my mouth and jaw just get too tired and sore to continue. But other times my mouth doesn't run out of energy from swishing flouride.

There are times that my vocal system gets so tired and sore from singing. And this can happen after only a song or two. It has done this since I was a child. But then other times I'd be okay and would be able to sing in choir or even solo in a play.

Now that I think about it some more, there are times that my voice intonation goes flat. Not necessarily because I'm tired from talking, just because I'm tired from everything. And talking just uses up energy that I don't have. So yes, my voice intonation does go flat and I get really quiet.

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