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Unknown Hormone Imbalance


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I have facial/neck, chest, belly button hair, and what my mom calls man's leg hair. I also have excess weight gain. Among other symptoms that could fall under my other conditions. I've had a testosterone test done and heard nothing back so I assume it was normal. I've had at least two doctors question if I have polycystic ovary syndrome. One did an ultrasound which came back normal and the other put me on metformin without telling me why. I just went to the endo. who ran cushings tests and what was said to be every test his lab runs to explain the hormone stuff. They all came back normal. Could this be part of POTS and the miscommunication of the brain or are they missing something.

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It sounds like polycystic ovary syndrome, from your description.

Some researchers believe that polycystic ovary syndrome ultimately results from your body's insensitivity to insulin. Metformin makes your body use insulin better, which is why metformin is given to women with PCOS. Metformin can reverse the signs of PCOS and even help women who have infertility problems due to PCOS become pregnant. However, I don't know whether metformin works any better than a good diet and exercise program to achieve the same effects.

Have you seen a nutritionist?

Here's a link to that article about the use of a vegan diet for people with type 2 diabetes (a more extreme form of insulin insensitivity). Maybe something along these lines would be beneficial.


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Hi. I agree with lthomas.

Maybe someone should check your insulin, fasting as well as 2 hours after eating. Also, C-peptide helps to clarify the meaning of your insulin levels.

More people have high insulin (Metabolic syndrome) than frank Type II Diabetes according to the Dr. who wrote Syndrome X. It is associated with weight gain, PCOS symptoms and much more. It is amenable to (a vegan type) diet in many cases.


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Hi, I just thought i'd say you cxan have cysts that don't show up on ultrasounds. I had a cyst that burst before anyone could see it- they had to open me up to see the fluid and drain it off. You may want to request a laparoscopy so they can at least look inside you and see if you have cystic ovaries. I think your symptoms sound quite similar to PCOS. Good luck Chrissy!

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