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I've Been Asked To Help Out At A Public School.


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I feel so chuffed at the minute , having had a bad few days again and been 75 % of the day stuck in bed scribbling all my arts and crafts stuff down as I think of it and drawing ideas from films I watch , at last someone has seen my ability to make 'something out of nothing' ;)

I've been asked to go and assist with the stage show of 'A mid summer nights dream' at the school we put our Halloween stage show on each year , its a public school and has a great arts and crafts department , OMG how I've stugged at times to make some of the larger items here , using my old ironing board as a table or our dinning room table to build items on , which can be a bit of a bind if you need to eat of it .............a case of eating around the ears of a large black dragons head whilst looking up its nose ........... :):lol::lol: .

So I've said I'd love to , they know all about my condition ( or so they stay ) but I will fill them in giving the lead to this site so they can really read up on its ups, downs and flat cold outs :P

I'm not to sure if its a Christmas production yet , I hope so ,as I do need time to image the stage sets before I can turn my hand to making things , so cool to be asked ( by the deputy head no less) and I'm looking forward to being useful in the community again..............AMi.

PS my hubby's as pleased as bits as his late mother went to this very posh school .

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Guest tearose

Congrats willows!

Even with all the additional fuss you will have now in your life, isn't it nice to know how much you are appreciated?


hope it brings you many hours of laughter and fun.


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Congratulations Willow,

A midsummer nights dream should give you loads of scope for imagination and creativity - make sure you send us some pictures when the play has been done! Can you rope some of the pupils into helping out with the actual painting / making once you've come up with the designs? That might take some of the pressure off and let you enjoy the fun bits more.


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Hello guys,

Sorry I haven't been back on for a while but I'm a little strapped up at the minute , again. ;) I had my hand strapped up a couple of weeks ago for about a week and thought it was al healed and sorted , wrong .

I went to turn the key on to start the car and bang, the muscle came away at the base of the thumb on my right hand . OMG the pain , it was a good job Mike was in the car with me as I wanted to be sick ................ :(

So now I've got my thumb strapped down to my hand and just a couple of fingers sticking out of the top , flipper comes to mind. :lol:

I'm still looking for ideas at the minute for the play by looking in all my books on fairies and some William Shakespeare books I have , but with the one hand looking like a dolphins arm me thinks I will need a bit of help for the larger items. :(

I've just finished ( Saturday night ) Sparks the phoenix , I'm hoping to have her adopted by the local firemen , having taken her across the road , sitting on my finger as she has real little claws to hang on with , I almost causing an accident as a car came down the road and the driver was craning his neck to see if she was real ......... :lol:

Well gobsmacked am I , as OMG this older couple want me to do a 'Mystic Bird of Paradise ' for them to adopt and they are willing to pay twice as much as Sparks for the privilege of adopting her ,if not more , so I'm now looking for emerald green , bright yellow , turquoise and purple feathers on the net and other feathers for even more owls .

So far I have 4 large owls and 1 smaller baby owl finished as well as the phoenix, but with just 6 months to go until the show I really cannot just stop and rest , so its a case of a little bit of work here and there , but I'm so pleased with Sparks , and hubby's made her a wooden perch to sit on .............laugh , she looks so cute sitting there looking about her and she's not a small item as shes some 2 + 1/2 feet in total length . She should be on the photos site soon , so I'll post a link when she is .

Better go now as its 3 .30 am in the morning and I need a drink , bye for now and thanks for the posts , any ideas for the school's show gratefully received by me . AMI or flipper as she's now called by her family ...... :blink:

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Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th of this week are the show nights, I am going to Wednesdays , first to help put the queens wings on and do her make up and also to do a collection for my charity CHSW .

I do feel sometimes that it would be nice to collect for POTS , but having committed myself to raising money for the children's hospice , and with so many people not understanding just what POTS is in this country I feel that I would be fighting a losing battle trying to educate them in just what we all suffer from .

The headmaster and his deputy are so pleased with the set and are still 'flabbergasted ' at the fact that I did it all for just ?50 , thats the 20 foot back drop , 3 decorated side panels , trims for these and the front stage cover + fairy queens huge wings and headdress! It was hard and did take me weeks , which is probably why I ended up in bed sick again , but knowing that each night I can make a collection for my charity , well it makes it all worthwhile in the end . AMI

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The show was a great success and given the fact that I was told over 80 children would be in it and that batman and robin , Mr freeze a rock band and so many more strange and interesting characters also I was somewhat surprised ...........brilliant , is all I can say about the way the deputy head has been able to slip into the end of a William Shakespeare play all the normal things that are in a child's life , the parents , teachers and invited guests went mad with applause at the end .

In all I collected ?250 ( about $ 125 ) in 2 nights .

Now this is over ...................roll on the big day on the hoe. Willows.

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Just thought I would fill you all in on whats going on this October regarding the schools Halloween event .

Well things have moved on rather with the show I do , Clair a really lovely girl , who's about the same age as my oldest daughter is now coming to work along side me now , we will run the show between us both , sort of the terrible twins ! :P

Dave , Claire's husband runs his own company making individual designed wooden shed's , garden furniture, swimming pool rooms and wooden gym rooms in fact anything you can draw up he will make from scratch .........blooming brilliant man , so clever .

Well nice Dave has offered to make us , That's Clair and I as we will both work in it , Hogwarts Castle ( once I have drawn the plan ) it will have to be 'somewhat smaller in size ' :P or we wouldnt be able to move the thing ! ! !

So somewhere around 30 x 30 or 20 x 30 with leaded windows and that up and down roof ledge that castles have , er , battlements I think they are called ?

So because of this I have had to send the school a nice email saying that I could no longer do the Halloween event this year , but that the other group who ran the section in the school halls auditorium probably would be capable and willing to do something for them instead , after all I was called in as an extra by my area manager when the event was already set in the school press.

So its all go here at this time , I'm building Fawkes , he's looking rather .............strange at this time :) all white like he's got humongous anemia with two little stiff legs in the air like he's dead ( he's laying on his back )

I've made him from the body section of a large stork , the head is the back end of a lemonade bottle and top end of a blackcurrant bottle , legs are 6 kebab sticks bound with florists wire then that green waxed florists tape , more wire and then more tape , this way the claws will bend and he will 'hang on ' to things .

I have 250 bright red and bright orange ostrich feathers here to stick onto him , so with any luck given a couple of more days moulding his face ,...............if you look at Fawkes face in photo's you will see its black and has ridges on it , well when this is finished its feather sticking time again. :P

After this its Hegwig , unfortunately the company I sent for his first lot of feathers from , let me down BIG TIME , they are so appalling that I have had to send the first 100 back , and no way will I ever use these people again , so much for so called hand selected first class feathers.

Unless .............. :) ..............of course they where selected by a blind frog , who then fed them to a starving rat , then had them washed by a slim covered octopus who put under a 500 ton steam rollers wheels .................yes , oh course it all makes perfect sense now , thats why they looked like they did , why didn't they tell me in the first place .............honestly some companys just dont like to let people know they are saving us all money by employing 4 or 8 legged staff to prepare their much needed feathers , I'll remember this in future :wub:

Well bye for now AMI

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I must ask hubby to put some onto my link when he is next on here ..............ha, thats every minute in the day he possibly can ! yet if I ask ' can you put some photo's on for me , dearest :rolleyes: ' its ............oh ! just off to get some , this that or the other , whatever the other is by the way !

So today under fear of me sewing all the legs of his knickers up with fishing line ................. :P he will put some on ............men , what would we do with out you ?

Be on the computer all the time that's what ! ...........here who said that ?


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