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Willow's "oscar"


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Willows husband gave me permission to use some of his photos for my painting. I've done lots of watercolor, but have just started to learn to do pen and ink and watercolor. I thought Willow's Oscar would be the perfect starting place. So here he is...


The painting is an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) which measure 2.5" x 3.5" - just like a trading card.

If you don't know who Oscar is... he is the owl Willows adopted to support Children's Hospice! I think she would secretly like to take him home with her instead of leaving him at the zoo :huh:


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I LOVE your painting! Wow, you have a great talent!

Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you so much ...............he is so sweet and so much like the original photo , well done you . :)

I'm still working on my 2 foot owls , in fact my best friend in Suffolk has just ordered one for the owlery in the name of ' IMA ' ..............my name backwards.

I feel so honoured to have an owl names after me , and it took me some few minutes to realize it was my name <_< probably due to yesterday 'episode' .

Well done Melanie , keep up the wonderful painting , you have a natural talent. AMi

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