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Sending Job Applications In

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Okay after trying to think about where to post this i'm just gonna post here if it needs moved, feel free to do so.

I have been feeling a little better (still symptomatic) but mostly i need the money so i'm looking for a job, part time. I have never been employed before, so i have no real "experiences". I do have a lot of volunteer stuff which is on the resume. My main question is how do you tell them about being chronically ill? I mean i don't want to scare them but don't want to be in the dark either. It's a touchy subject. I was looking into one job but after hearing all i would have to do i decided againest it and the pay wasn't even worth it.

If anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated.


susie :rolleyes:

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My understanding is that you are only required to disclose your disability if it will interfere with your ability to perform your job. I would look at disability advocacy sites for information on what your obligations are. Additionally, I wouldn't put that info on your resume, if that is what you are also asking.

Maybe some folks here have some disability advocacy references for you? If so, folks please do share :rolleyes:


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Guest tearose

hi lucky, it is great you are up to trying to work!

Here is what I have learned...not one of us is the same so you must hand tailor your job search to you! :rolleyes:

Just tell the prospective employer you have "experience" in voluntary positions and excellent experience wtih raising livestock...probably a 12 hour a day job at times right? Speak about your skills and dedication, loyalty....and tell them all the things you can do.

Once you get a call in you can ask...are there stairs? Is there parking close to the building?

I find if I can get through the first interview, it is best to express my needs during the second interview.

I don't tell them anything before because there is no reason to!

Does this help?

good luck, I am looking for work now too!


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Thank you! ON the resume itself it just has my experiences, skills, education. Nothing about my illness, it's me on a sheet of paper. Yes somedays it's 12 hr days in the barn altho those are few and far between but it does happen. How can you not be in the barn w/ little goaties and not stay there and just cuddle them? :rolleyes:

keep the advice coming...


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As a former human resources manager, you definately do not want to mention your illness. Your resume/job application should only include information regarding your experience, education, and anything else that would be considered relevant to being able to perform the tasks of the job. You could wait until you are offered the job and then ask for any accommodations you might need. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prevents discrimination based on disability. As long as a company employs 15 or more people, the law protects people who need reasonable accommodations in order to perform the essential tasks of their job. Reasonable accommodations include a flexible schedule, frequent breaks, specialized equipment, etc. An accommodation would be considered reasonable as long as it doesn't cause undue hardship on the organization. An example - a cashier is unable to stand due to POTS. Standind at a cash register for an extended period of time would not be physically possible so the cashier is able to sit on a stool while working at the cash register. This would be considered reasonable because it does not interfere with performing the job, and it does not cause any hardship on the employer. Here are some good websites regarding the ADA:




E-mail me if you have any questions and I'll try to help. Good luck with your job search!!!

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