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Natural Nausea Remedy


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Hi, I want to share a secret natural remedy for nausea.

I can remember being in a clinic with an Indian doctor recently and describing to him the awful nausea and dizziness that I experienced after starting paroxetine (seroxat) for my POTS. He just asked if I wanted him to give me something for the nausea and I assumed that he meant a pill. He reached into his white coat pocket and pulled out a small camera film pot. The pot was full of spices - whole cloves, cardamon pods, fennel seeds etc. I couldn't imagine trying to eat any of it. He encouraged me to try a fennel seed and just hold it in my mouth. They have a pleasent aniseed flavour and I was soon chewing it. He recommended slowly chewing/sucking on the spices and it really works!

I've just remembered to post this as a friend complained of nausea and I pulled the pot out of my backpack and gave him a fennel seed.

People often know about using root ginger for nausea but I had always associated Indian spices with stomach ache rather than as a remedy for nausea. If anyone tries this please let me know if it works for you.


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I have visited India twice and they always eat fennel after a meal. Indian restaurants usually have a bowl of candy-coated fennel at the cash register and a tiny spoon for self-service. Common wisdom of Indians is that it is good for gas, which means probably many kinds of indigestion.

Besides ginger, other potential helps for nausea are B6 and also orthophosphoric acid, both available at health food stores. The latter is often recommended by holistic docs for nausea of pregnancy and/or the flu.


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