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Extreme Leg Pain

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My symptoms are getting increasingly worse for leg pain. It used to be in the past few months if I went upstairs and sat down right away or crouched down, my legs were afire with throbbing pain. So bad that I had to kick my legs out and sit my but on the floor and let it subside. In the past few weeks, it has become not just after I go up steps but when I crouch down at all. The pain is intense until I straighten my legs out. ANyone have this and know why this is? I'm wondering what is going on in my body! :)


Thank you,


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Oh yes, I get this too. It's horrible (hugs) Not sure what it is but wondering whether it's something to do with a build up of lactic acid. Maybe someone else will know.

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I've had extreme leg pains day and night for about 7-8 years now guys and it hasn't in all this time ever subsided for more than 24 hours in one go. :)

At night times its so bad I've been known to quietly cry to myself , I know crying doesn't help because in fact it probably sends my blood pressure all haywire as well , but when it gets to the point I want to take a chain saw to them .................In the day time this throbbing , aching pain can take over , once I was out walking and it became so bad I just had to sit down , I happened to be in town at the time , in the middle of town that is , but I had to sit on the pavement and rock my legs holding onto them by wrapping my arms around the fronts of them , my husband was with me and explained so it wasn't as bad as most people thought , they probably thought i was slightly mad , but I just didn't care .

An ambulance came for me and they gave me morphine in hospital , this was over 6 years ago now and this is partly why I'm on such strong painkillers day and night times.

Sorry I cant be any positive help , its a case of just having to grin and bare it or mind over matter .I dont know why it started , it just came one day out of the blue .

I've tried ; hot water bottles, cool packs , massage , stretching exercises and much more over the years , but only painkillers really work .

Good luck and I do hope that yours only is a brief interlude of pain. AMI

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i have alot of leg/bone pain issues.. um some time back willows and i had a post going.. i think i started it about pain issues mainly being leg/bone pain i think i will see if i can find it the link....

One thing that i have found very recently that offers a teent tiny amount of relif is knee high compression hose 20/30 compression... if i wear them during the day.. on a day where the bone pain is absent and its just a potsy achy thing going on dur to blood pooling.. i ve foind these littl boogers to offer some relief.. and ill take any that i can get!

I have no clue what causes such horrific pain.. but i ever find out i wulll surley let the lot of us who have this know!

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