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Riddle Me This, Riddler!


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Was told by doc yesterday that, I have NCS and Dysautonomia. So I look up Dysautonomia and NCS is a form of Dysautonomia. He says NCS does not occur seated. And OH, which I have, lasts only seconds. But my OH like symptoms that lasted 3 hours yesterday can be Dysautonomia. Not NCS -k? Not OH either. Got that?

NCS is also NMH as we have seen on other threads recently, so here we go.


Dysautonomia is not NCS or OH

yet OH is part of NCS which is part of Dysautonomia

Well I would go on because I'm sure theres more- out there to confuse us. :D

Which BTW is also part of NCS, POTS, NMH and Dysautonomia.

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