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Back Pain


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I can play at a huge water park going through tunnels, picking up my son etc. and I have little back pain.

I go to sleep last night with no extra activity during the day and I wake up in alot of pain. From my neck down to my butt bone.

This keeps happening every couple months. does this sound like an inflammatory illness?

I'm already restricted by this illness and constant migraines, when we throw something else in the mix I get very discouraged!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Dayna :)

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Hi Dayna.

I am sorry you are troubled by one more thing. I hate when that happens and it gets scary.

When your pain is during or after lying down, but not with exertion and weight-bearing, it isn't inflammatory. It hurts just as much, no doubt, as inflammation but think more about your bed, your sleeping position, pillows, etc.

Good luck.


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