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Weight Fluctuations


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I am wondering if anyone here has noticeable weight fluctuations. My weight fluctuates daily between 110 and 118. I notice the weight change mainly in my abdominal region. I'm not sure if this is due to changes in blood pressure or what. This is somewhat annoying, as a pair of pants may fit in the morning, but be too tight by afternoon. I've asked my doctors but they don't seem to know why. I have gastrointestinal dysmotility, but I don't think that is the reason. Any ideas??

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It could well be bloating due to dysmotility, or just a fluid build up as the day goes on.

My weight flucuates too. I can gain 4-5 pounds very quickly, then void it off in a couple of hours during my "surges", so i assume mine is water retention, just in my gut, as opposed to my feet. But I also get very bloated too. As the day goes on and I attempt to keep food in, I tend to get tighter and more uncomfortable pants, hence, i wear pj bottoms all day, LOL.

Of course not everyone can do that, but oh the misery of the expanding tummy.......then in the am, it's nice and flat again.....so my guess is either bloat or fluid retention.

I do use simethicone on occasion and that will make them less tight...then i know whether it's bloat or fluid. Probably not helping much sweetie, but do get it and do have it...very frustrating....m

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HI, I have POTS and gastroparisis. I have that bloated feeling around the waist and abdomen constantly,I never had this before I got POTS and gastro. So my theory is that they are related,just a guess? Pat

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I also experience weight fluctuations. I finally found an endocrinologist who isn't patronizing. She's testing me for all kinds of things right now. If I find out anything I will share it with you.


PS She actually knows someone personally who has POTS!

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