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Could I Be Getting Better?


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the past 4 days i have stopped taking my beta blocker to see of my heart rates went wild.....i was only taking 12 mgs of atenolol...anyway today i woke up my heart rate was about 60 i stood up it was 72 i was so happy yesterday same type of thing day before same type of thing....the highest its going standing is high 90s maybe 100 ....but thats without the pill.....before it would be 125 without the pill or worse...i noticed at night my heart rates been a little low, 50s somtimes even 40s but then it will go back up of and on to normal....i wonder if i should get a little excited...or if i shouldnt ....i dont wanna think im getting better if im not

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Seeing if medication helps or not is sometimes frustrating. Especially waiting out the initial side effects. It might help to look at the big picture to see if you're doing better. For example, without expecting to feel at 100 or even 80%, are you having more good days, or more time in which you can do things than you could before? Remember, the tachycardia on standing is really a symptom or sign, and not the primary problem.

For example, a lot of us have our worst time in the morning, so I think- hey, this morning was pretty easy, or wow, mornings have sure not been fun lately. And how often am I needing to sit down or lie down? Am I concentrating on my schoolwork well enough? I might crawl up the stairs and crash at the top and still have a relatively low HR. OR I can be lying down at night and reading in bed with a HR of 120 for no apparent reason. I think it's all relative! How do you feel, as opposed to how do you think you should feel based on your vitals and meds?

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after i wrote this post the next day i went back to tachy while standing,,,,,so ive learned not to get my hopes too high....im just wondering why for those 4 days my heart was doing good...i have been going for 2 mi walk everyday via tv....so im training myself to move again....but the heart rates were good after that im still doing it but now the heart rates are bad agin...i dont know.....today when i stood my heart rate went from 84 sitting to 115 standing....so it did it this is without pill... i just dont wanna be on that dam pill...i wanna be normal and start working again....ugh

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hey nikki,

for years and years every day i woke up i thought that maybe that day i would be cured as i didn't want to be sick for the rest of my life and my cardio told me that things could come back to normal. after about 4 or 5 years my manuel therapsit told me to stop that as it made me feel so very disappointed every day.

nowadays i live day by day and not expecting to get better anymore. i'm enjoying every little thing i can and not expecting (or even hoping) to get better is much better for my mental health. it's just how i'm dealing with this and do'n't forget it took me 4 to 5 years, i just thought that this might help you a bit!~

corina :)

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i currently work with heart rates in the 130's (ON LOTS of MEDS/beta blocker) and i have worked while off meds with HR's in the 200's. no matter what your heart rate, if we can get you FEELING better than maybe you could get a part time job of some sort.......if you're walking two miles a day, that is great and probably shows that you perhaps can maybe get a desk job of some sort? do you think you could do that? not sure. just trying to make suggestions.

i know how you feel with not wanting to take pills, i hate taking them too..........but if they were/are making you feel a little better, than perhaps you should take them. if OFF the pill you feel you can walk 2 miles, than maybe ON the pill, you'd feel well enough to work part time with a desk job?

also, i know HR can and does correlate a lot with symptoms, but not always, and not for every person. i know with me, i used to have rates in the 190's and didnt even know it, other than for some mild nausea. there are people on this site who have rates much lower than that and crumble after only standing a short time. to be more specific in what i am referring to, no matter what your heart rate, what are you feeling? do you feel tired? dizzy? nauseous? what do you think is the number one symptom, and not what your heart rate is, that is preventing you from working - even if only 20 hours a week?

i hope you get back on the upswing here shortly. i know the rollercoaster ride can be a drag and feeling good for a few days with mild or no tachy can get your hopes up that this is gone for good and then all of a sudden have all the symptoms and tachy come back full fledge. it is a rough ride for sure.

take care and keep letting us know how you're doing/feeling..

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