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Actually, DYNA is a site that has been around a while, is geared toward kids and their families, and is listed in the links section of DINET's site, scroll down to "Support". Other sites also commonly cited here on the forum include EDNF and NDRF.


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This forum is amazing, I was just speaking to my friend telling her how I really need to attend the dentist but was dreading it in case I had a POTS attack. After my friend went home I logged on and the first one I read lists a site where I find a full script on Dental treatment considerations, I could not believe it. I am a great believer in a higher power and this just confirms that he listens.

A sincere thank you to the people who have given of their own time and attention to detail to set this support network up and also to all the members who post thank you all.

Take care LizB

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