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Domperidone Experiences


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Hello All,

I have tried Mestinon, Reglan, and E-mycin for my gastroparesis to no avail and now my GI doc wants to try domperidone. I did a search and saw people had tried it, but the posts were a bit old, so I was curious how people are still doing on the drug and if their experiences continue to be positive. I'm a bit paranoid I guess because of the number of new drugs in my system in just the past month and I tend to react to meds strongly (much like others on this board), so I worry that one more will push me over the edge.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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Hi Sheridan, I too, have alot of trouble with meds. I really understand your hesitance to domperidone or any new meds. I have gastroparisis and did take domperidone,I really did not have any problems or side effects that I was aware of. One of my cardio docs. took me of it saying it was not good for POTS. Still not sure about that? My different docs. were constantly putting me on and taking me off meds to see if it helped with POTS. Taking me off of domperidone did not help my POTS and I feel it did help the gastroparisis. I hope this helped a little and did not confuse, good luck let us know what you decide. Pat

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I've been on domperidone for over a year now. I had hoped to take it and then take breaks so that it wouldn't lose it's effectiveness, but I can not go without it. Without I am nauesous, pain in my upper stomach and end up in the hospital.

So far, the only side effect has been the very smallest amount of lactation... which has not caused me any problems. I dread the day I have to go without or it becomes ineffective. I really keeps me going right now.

It did not worsen my POTS and hasn't had any other side effects. Hope this info helps.


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I took it years ago but it had no effect on me, no side effects either. So have now been on metoclompramide (Reglan) for ten years. Works fine, no side effects.

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