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Anyone With Swallowing Problems?


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I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis. lately i have been having problems with swallowing. my GI doc thinks that the esophagus is now being affected with paresis, like my stomach. he wants to do an esophageal manometry.

has anyone had this test and does anyone have dysmotility of the esophagus with their gastroparesis?

i refused the test (esophageal manometry) for two reasons. one, because it didnt sound very pleasant and two, because even if they DID find that there was slow motility of the esophagus, they cant really DO anything for it anyway..... :)

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Just wanted to suggest talking to your doctor about getting a Modified barium Swallow study and/or a Barium Swallow study done. Both are non-invasive tests to look at swallowing function. The modified focuses on everything from your mouth to the head of the esophagus...the regular barium study on the esophagus and below. You can observe the motility of the esophagus through this study and check for strictures, GERD, ect.

Hope you're doing better soon..keep us posted. :)

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I have been dx with a moderate case of gastoparisis,seems alot more than moderate some days. I do have swallowing problems especially pills.Not had swallowing tests yet either.Does anyone have more trouble with pills than food and drink? Pat

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I had manometry done a few years ago. it isn't the most pleasant thing in the world, but I've definitely had worse things done.

There's not a lot they can do about, you are correct, but it did explain why i have so much trouble and then add a stricture to the mix....

I have very disorganized peristalsis and a stricture. I am guessing most of us have similar things in one way or another. The only tests I ever have that are always abnormal, are GI tests.

Maybe that's why I agree to them...they can't say i'm crazy if it's an obvious problem.... :(:unsure:

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hahaha, morgan you are SO RIGHT ON about the "they cant say i'm crazy if they see an obvious problem".

my GI doc is good, but sometimes i wonder why he keeps asking if "stress is a factor". i have been diagnosed with gastroparesis, they SEE THAT ON GASTRIC EMPTYING, and yet for some reason he continues to ask about "are you stressed", "anxious". makes me crazy when he says that because he has PROOF on their tests that show i have moderate slow emptying.

...also, doesnt anxiety and stress SPEED UP MOTILITY?!?!?!? this is another way that i show people that my problem isnt anxiety or stress related because i have significantly SLOW motility. i know a lot of people who have anxiety and are very irritable in general and they always tell me how they have diarrhea or always have to run to the bathroom when they are nervous - nervousness/anxiety SPEEDS UP motility, it doesnt slow it down.......

i know that someone can be without anxiety/panic problems and yet still have fast motility from autonomic dysfunction, but typically anxiety DOES NOT cause SLOW motility.

hmmm, i'll have to think long and hard about the manometry test.......if there was something they could do about the problem (if in fact i did have slow motility of the esophagus) than i'd be more apt to have the test done.........

also, i asked my GI doc about a barium swallow instead of manometry and he said it wasnt accurate in proving or disproving dysmotility of the esophagus but is more or less a test to see strictures/ reflux, in the esophagus....etc...

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