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Foreshadowing Of A Virus


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Does anyone here find that they can tell they are coming down with a virus before they have any of the symptoms of the virus? For some reason, within about 12 hours before I come down with a virus, my heart does lots of flips and flops, and will beat faster than usual. It doesn't worry me, just annoys me.

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I just tend to feel a little tired and under the weather and then the next day I wake up with something. I've felt pretty crappy all day today, so I am anticipating waking up with something tomorrow morning. I'm student teaching in a room with 2nd graders (7 and 8 year olds) so in the 4 weeks that I've been there, Ive already had 2 colds one of which turned into a double ear infection and a sinus infection. After I get sick I usually notice the fluttering and flip flopping though.

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