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Adrenal Glands


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I've read that adrenal glands constrict the blood vessels. This causes many of the symptoms we are experiencing (dizziness, blood pooling, brain fog, fatigue)

So, does the adrenal glands constricting the blood vessels cause low blood volume? (improper secretion of adrenaline)


Does low blood volume cause the body to react, using the adrenal glands to constrict the blood vessels to normalize blood pressure?

Or both? I'm trying to figure out the culprit.

Here's an add on:

Have you guys heard of someone born with narrow blood vessels, and would this cause low blood volume? Is this testable?

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Not sure if this helps, but this is what I know...

The adrenal cortex produces a hormone called aldesterone - this hormone inhibits the level of sodium excreted into the urine, maintaining blood volume and blood pressure.


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I'm not sure.....

I have had this blood test to check the levels of that hormone produced by the adrenal glands.

It's a simple blood test they do at a certain time of day and there is food/drink restriction. (I can't remember exacts)

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Guest tearose

One of the most important questions...

Is what we have an abnormal response to a normal condition


a normal response to an abnormal condition.

I have small fibre damage in the legs and abdomen so I think mine is a normal response to an abnormal condition.

I believe my body is compensating in a good way :) to keep blood and oxygen to my brain and vital organs.

I am not sure about small blood vessels. It may be an abnormal condition...if it is discovered they are too small.


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You ask great questions, ones we probably all think about, ones that doctors may not think about. If we have heart symptoms from gastrointestinal, vascular, structural functions, etc., whose speciality takes care of it?

I am trying to figure out where to turn next because the specialties don't seem to recognize the existence of other parts of the body. And the general type doctors are concerned about the heart symptoms!

I think you almost have to answer your own questions by putting together what you have observed with your POTS and what the tests have shown. We probably are all different.


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