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Does Anyone Get This "aura"


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Hello all,

Does anyone else get an aura before a bad pots hole? Mine are like this-

1. get very tired

2. get a cool/burning sensation all over

3. vision very drunk/sensitive

4. startle easily

5. left arm and hand gets 'pins and needles'

6. can't sleep, feel very hyper and hear things in the night that are not there, like people talking, water running.

7. severe nausea

8. migraines

9. then I get the big surge, like i'll be sitting or lying down and then all of the sudden boom, boom, boom,

my heart rate goes up to 150-175 for a minute, then it will go up again.

This will go on day after day for about two months and I am bedridden. Does anyone else get this, especially the supine tachy spells because I want to push my pots doc that something else could be causing this.

Thanks all-

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Hi Bama girl, '

We havent met, i am a bama girl too, i live in Mobile, Al. Anyways not sure how urs works but i seem to have nausea almost daily, and prob only 2 days a wk can i do anything, if i wash a few loads of clothes my heart starts fluttering, before my pacer in Oct. I did as u did, now it kicks in and brings it back down, but it does still make me nervous and jittery, my heart rate would either do one or the other, either in the 170's or down as low as 30-40 so couldnt sleep either way. When first put on florinef and BB along with a cholesterol med i slept for a solid 2 wks, and now i still sometimes can be tired as if i had run a marathon, and still cant sleep, feel panicky, and have lots of pain as well.

I dont know what to try, but do u also get cold sweats? I have had them bad it is very annoying, never was one to sweat all my life. I also find my mind racing and can hear pounding in my ears. So very weird for me esp at night. It is so annoying, i usually have found , not sure if u r on any meds for anxiety, but Xanax or Klonopin will lower ur heart rate and sometimes will put u asleep and help bypass this, so if u arent maybe u can mention to ur doc.

Good luck


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I can totally relate. I suffered tremendously with supine tach and palps and so many other symptoms. I could not function whatsoever. That lasted really bad for 4 months and then some of the symptoms started to subside where I was able to go back to work(only part time though). But I still deal with all sorts of symptoms on a daily basis just not as debillitating. Dr Grubb told me that I suffer with hyperadrengic POTS. My body is always in the fight or flight response. Over stimulated sympathetic part of my nervous system. So I don't just get tachy while standing. I am tachy all the time with palps and constant adrenaline flow. U may be dealing with the same thing.

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I'm a Bama Girl too! (Montgomery) :lol:

Anyway, I often get the aura. Starts out with a sudden wave of fatigue, then my eyes go a bit blurry and brain slows down, then the tachy comes. Normally happens mid afternoon (like while I'm typing right now) the day before what's probably going to be a bad day. If I'm smart and rest and drink fluid and salt, I can make it to where it doesn't get much worse. If I keep pushing through the day, I'll feel better by evening, but will crash at night and stay crashed for most of the next day. Course I generally tell myself I'm just fine and it's probably just sinuses or something and so there's no need to rest. (denial is not just a river in Egypt after all).

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I love how JHJD described the following - "My brain slows down." Wow, what an accurate way to describe that feeling. I understand that and everything Bamagirl wrote. I felt like I could have written that. Mine tends to happen one thing at a time, first one, then another a day or so later, then another, then another, then another and then it is all happening at once. It is so good to have this support group!


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