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cardiologist vist


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Hi all -- I had mentioned on a post or two that I had an appointment w/my cardiologist today... my 4 month follow-up after February diagnosis. I met both with the main cardiologist and also (first) with his "cardiology fellow," since Northwestern is a teaching hospital. We talked for an incredibly long time. (Word of advice for all you doctor's appointment seekers out there: go for the last appointment of the day. They may be more tired, and so might you be, but the doctors can't be distracted by their schedule or by other waiting patients.)

I took away from the lengthy conversation one main message that I'll pass along:


Oh yeah. Water.

These things were emphasized to me 4 months ago, but the message today was louder and stronger...and we talked more specifics in terms of salt quantity. (Someone posted a few weeks ago, wondering how much salt is the right amount of salt.)

The answer is: 3 to 5 grams or more, and much more if you're highly symptomatic. Translation: One teaspoon of salt is about 2,400 mg (sodium), or 2.4 grams. The average person's normal diet has about 2400 mg sodium in it--we need to have about twice that amount. More if you're more symptomatic.

It's all about the blood volume. Salt + water = blood volume. (Math was never my forte, but can you see I'm getting good at it? :D ) And the compression hose, ah yes, the compression. They're good too.

We talked Midodrine and Florinef, but decided to hold off b/c of fertility hopes.

BTW, I had sitting hr of 104 bpm, standing hr of 136; sitting bp of 110/70, standing bp of 102/70.

I'm still waiting on those sleep study results...

G'night, you salty dogs!


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Hey Merrill! Sounds like you had a good visit! That's good to know about the salt. Someone wrote (Nina?) awhile back that we need an additional teaspoon of salt, so that's been my goal each day. That and two quarts of water. And now I wear the compression hose not because I was told to, but because my legs really feel better with them on.

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