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A Quandary

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So my husband was just offered a major promotion at work (we both work at the same place), which would mean at least another 2-3 years contract (for both of us) working at this company. My problem is that we've been planning on moving away from the Florida heat as soon as the contract he's already in was up (which would be this July), because I'm soooo amazingly sick in the heat, and can barely work at all. This company is amazing, and moved me into the office (where there's AC), let me make my own hours, and are well aware of the medical problems and are very helpful, but I'm still constantly sick. So my question is...to accept or not to accept? This would be great for both of our resumes (and wallets), but if I'm sick all the time, is it worth it?


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Well, of course this is a very personal decision that only your husband and you can make. In my situation (I'm a Floridian, too) I am unable to work and would be unable to work regardless where we lived- so, we go wherever my husband can make the most money. We are tied to my husband's job because we are a one and a half income family (I get SSDI hence, the "half"). For me, moving would do little if any to help with my over all health. I'm inside whether its 50 degrees out or 90 degrees out on most days. Good luck to you and congratulations on the promotion for your husband.


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I am thinking about some of the same issues right now. My job involves a lot of stress and long hrs sometimes which makes me worse -- currently I'm in a big POTS hold due to working to hard. I could afford to take some time off, but not indefinitely. On the other hand, I have a good job, great (and understanding) boss, flexibility, and health/disability insurance. It's hard to give these things up, and I've looked for other jobs but, in 2 years, haven't found anything better.

Is there anything more you can do to make the current job easier for you - hire another person, take summers off, work from home, etc.?

I agree with the others that this is a personal decision. Ultimately, health is the most important thing, but it's hard to know which way to go.

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