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Increased Chest Pain

Guest Eliza

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I am new to the forum and have tried to search many of the posts, but I still have a question.

I have recently had an increase in chest pain. I used to only get it when my heart rate would get really high or when I was "too active" like carrying something. Lately I have been getting the pain as soon as I start waking up in the morning (before even sitting) and through out the day when walking short distances or even just sitting.

Has anyone else experienced an INCREASE in this symptom? My docs just don't seem worried about it but I do! They always say if the pain get worse, then go to the ER.....well, it IS worse and has been for a few weeks and that is why I mentioned it to my docs in the first place.

How frustrating docs can be.

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hi eliza,

welcome to the forum.

are your heart rates now under control? you said you used to get the pains when your heart rates were high. just wondering if your rates were back up again? what meds are you on?

i definitely would check in with your doc. i know you said you have talked to your doc about it, but if your doc hasnt looked into the possibility of this being something more than dysautonomia, than i would suggest seeing another doc. someone needs to investigate the cause of your increased chest pain and who knows, they may not really get to the bottom of it, but you still need to be evaluated. i'd suggest going to the E.D. or going to see your doc...they can follow you up as a ''potential'' cardiac patient by checking cardiac enzymes, doing an ekg/stress test/echo. unfortunately none of us here are able to help you in that regard but thanks for posting. advise or a little nudge to get you moving in the right direction is what i, or others here can offer and i hope that you'll go get this checked out....just to be on the safe side.

take care.


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Thanks for the responses. I certainly did not want to put anyone in a position of diagnosing whether my condition was benign or not, so I do apologize for that. I suppose I just need to figure out how to get doctors to actually listen. I can't even get in to see any of my docs for a few weeks and they don't seem to bothered by it so I was just wondering if anyone else deals with docs just assuming POTS patients with "chest pain" aren't as critical as OTHER patients with chest pain.

I apologize again for the confusion and did not mean to put anyone in an awkward position. I do appreciate the input. Thanks.

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Guest tearose

Hi and welcome!

The way to get doctors to listen...you must SPEAK UP! :unsure:

I would call the doctor back and say..."I am not feeling well and am concerned. Please let the doctor see me to explain these chest pains I have. If the doctor is not worried then the doctor must explain WHY I am okay. I do not understand these pains and I do not understand why I should not be concerned."

From my years of heart rhythm abnormalities and POTS and MVP pangs..SVT's...blah, blah...I have had to be able to distinguish what the different pains are. Many are just annoyances and can be tolerated. Some may be dangerous.

I think that you will learn when one pain is "okay" and when one is new, different or something to go to the ER for. However, until that happens you MUST trust you instinct and follow up with the doctor.

feel better, tearose

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hi eliza, welcome to the forum!

like others have said (sayed? sorry forgotten how to spell this one), when ever you feel uncomfortable with anything you'd better see your doctor. and yes, in time you will learn when pain is okay and when it's not.

again, welcome, and please, ask any questions you want to ask, we're here to help eachother!!!

corina :unsure:

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Hi and welcome to the forum


I have experienced the same problem as you describe and I went to the ER.

I also recommend you going to the Emergency Room or your doctor. As mentioned by others on the forum, chest pain may mean many different things and each person is different. The best way is to get it checked by someone who knows about it.

Furthermore, it is not a bad idea to drink fluids and to rest.

I hope you feel better soon,

Take care,



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I would be concerned if my doctor was not concerned when I called regarding increased chest pains. I am not sure how a doctor can be so cavalier about that without examining you, including EKG, etc.

If my doctor didn't want to see me when I was experiencing increased chest pains, I would find another doctor.

Think about that....


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