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Not Sleeping Right And Eye Spasms?


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hello, well i just wanted to ask who in here sleeps but wakes up feeling like they havent slept in a week? yesterday i was so tired i was yawing all day i wake up in the morning and i feel like i havent slept properly...i dont snore so if i have apnea its the kind where u make no noise.....also i have noticed my eye lids seem to jump at times mostly when im trying to sleep its liek i see flash flash flash then it stops its not a constantthing it comes and goes... i feel pressure in the head off and on and sharp pains in the back of my head to the right ive had mris that were normal i havent had a mra but i have had a transcranial doppler that was normal too..............pots?

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Guest tearose

yes, I have lots of trouble with restorative sleep and feel like it has now been nearing a solid two years of improper sleep. I think it has contributed to my decline too,

I noticed that sometimes I wake up and feel like my eyes are so dry that I wonder if I was sleeping with my eyes partly open.

I have on occasion when first falling asleep "seen" flashing like the spasms you mention. I am sorry to say that I am so tired that I try to just ignore them and within a few minutes I am asleep.

I am going to do a new sleep study in a couple of months...at Mayo and I hope to understand more I am having such a problem. I too do not snore but at a local generic hospital sleep center they did document the fact that I wake up for split seconds and then go back to sleep hundreds of times...they did not know how to interpret the findings. :ph34r: I am not sure what the eye movements mean but maybe they are related to the unconscious waking up we do?

I have a lot of hope that the Mayo sleep center will be able to address this issue.

take care, tearose

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