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B) Hi Everyone, after reading Ernie's post on excercise thought I'd go ahead and ask: I have been wondering if the bp is yoyoing will the Dr allow walking on a treadmill??? I had physical therapy already this year and just began walking again ( today as I grap everything to hang on) this was due to my MS too. Does anyone else try to do the treadmill?? Thank You

Southern Blessings, Rita

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Hi There:

Yes, I do the treadmill in the winter and walk outside in the summer. I did find a couple things I had to watch out for on the treadmill...

I would not do the incline if your treadmill has one. I find it displaces my hips and I spend more time trying to stay on the treadmill than actually getting a good work-out. Balance is also a big issue...hang on! I have already fallen off a couple times because of my quirky balance and stride. Also, hold on to something when you step off. If you have any type of syncope you may feel a little dizzy once your feet stop moving and the rest of the world is still.

Even though everything I listed sounds awful, I have learned to cope with them and it seems to be the best aerobic excersise along with swimming (which I never have time to do.) I used to be an aerobics class guru in my younger days, but the bouncing makes me dizzy now and makes my feet go numb. Stretching and yoga also seem to be helpful.

The most important thing would be your BP. Make sure your doctor says your little ticker can take the treadmill. I also read that you will get a better work-out not going too fast for a 1/2 hour than if you go really fast for 10 minutes.

My husband has been listening to financial self help tapes. The author said something like, "It is better to underachieve than to not achieve anything at all." For excerise, instead of pushing for 1/2 hour each day, I try to give myself credit for the 10 or 15 minutes I attempted! Good Luck! B)

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I agree with the advice to hang on when you get off. (I'd even recommend stopping the machine and then standing there, holding on, for a minute or two. Get off slowly and wait a bit before walking. I've only been on a treadmill a few times, and every time, I felt so strange when the machine stopped ... kind of lightheaded and off balance, legs a little jello like. I don't typically suffer from syncope--only on occasion--but after the treadmill, I do feel a bit dizzy. This passes, and I do hear it's great exercise if you can't walk outside or in a mall. (That's preferred for me b/c it's air conditioned. Not that I actually do it regularly or anything. B) ) The treadmill has another advantage: rails to hang on to. Go slow and good luck!


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Guest GayleP

I like the treadmill if I can't walk outside. I like it because I can walk really slowly for the last few minutes to cool down.

My BP is really erratic and so far the treadmill doesn't seem to make that problem worse.


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